The average American now spends about 9 hours each day in front of a screen, whether it’s on the job in an office building or at a home office. And as a result, many of us tend to blink less when staring at our computers, Smartphones, TVs and tablets. Ultimately, this could lead to dry eyes.

You might want to try these tips as suggested by alternative health expert, Bryce Wylde, a natural healthcare clinician whose specialty is homeopathy, clinical nutrition, supplementation, and botanical medicine and whose focus is routed within functional medicine. Bryce has a Bachelor of Science honors degree in biology and psychology and a diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Health Sciences.

Some of these tips he suggests below may help keep your eyes more comfortable when you’re staring at spreadsheets or binging on your favorite TV shows.

  1. Take regular eye breaks from your screen. Try the following the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look at something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This simple step may help reduce eye strain and other vision problems.
  2. Position your device correctly. Place your monitor about two feet away from you. It’s best for your eyes (and your neck) if you are looking straight ahead or slightly down. And to reduce irritating glare, position a light source behind your screen.
  3. Care for your air. Fans and air conditioners dry the air and may dry your eyes, too. If you need to use them, point them away from your face. Consider using a humidifier to add soothing moisture to the air.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Keeping your body hydrated helps your eyes, as well.

These next tips take advantage of technology to soothe tech-weary eyes:

Moisturizing eye drops can be messy and inconvenient. Try a new eye mist technology introduced by Similasan of Switzerland. It may forever change the way you manage your dry eyes. It’s called a Dry Eye Easy Mist. Just hold the pocket-sized mister four to six inches away from your face … close your eyes … spray and blink. There’s no dripping, no mess, and ladies, it won’t smudge your makeup.

The plant-based liposomes collect on your eyelashes. With each blink, they form a moisturizing film over your eye, keeping in moisture. There are no harsh chemicals or preservatives in this formula. It can be used as often as needed, even by contact lens wearers. The mist contains a natural Alpine rose extract; that’s a hearty plant that thrives in harsh, dry conditions just above the tree line in the Swiss Alps. The Alpine rose is prized for providing natural hydration as well as antioxidants.

Consider screen protectors or computer glasses. Some have anti-glare coatings. Others have a yellow filter to block some of the eye-straining blue light. These are especially good at increasing comfort when spending long hours in front of a screen.

Bryce is the author of the national bestseller, The Antioxidant Prescription: How to Use the Power of Antioxidants to Prevent Disease and Stay Healthy for Life and Wylde On Health: Your Best Choices in the World of Natural Health.