If you thought windows were something to ignore, think again. Believe it or not windows and what covers them can make all the difference in any size home, be it small, large, or even a McMansion.

For instance, when you gaze out on a sunny day from your large bay window you want to make sure you can see a mile away. Maybe you have a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean or a wooded area, or you just want to be able to look out your kitchen window to see your well-cared for garden. Perhaps you want to be able to watch your children or grandchildren playing in the backyard without having to push aside the curtains. Unless you have the appropriate window treatments and coverings, you’re not going to see much of anything other than the four walls.

Skip the ugly drapes

Windows and what goes in and around them have come a long way and so have window covering choices that were once limited to ugly drapes, curtains and plain blinds.

Today’s window treatments and coverings have evolved for the better: they are more simple, yet refined. Gone are the days of lacy curtains hanging on a rod or simple metal vertical blinds that left rooms feeling anything but attractive. According to design and decor experts homeowners are opting for simple elegance when it comes to their window coverings and treatments.

The trend is luxurious, multi-layered window treatments instead of massive wall-to-wall drapes, and more tailored, soft looks. For example, it’s more popular to have a wood blind inside of the window then perhaps a swag or cornice of soft, tailored fabric on the outside. Finishing off a blind with a fabric gives an overall look of warmth and coziness. Also popular are wood Plantation shutters because they offer clean lines and you can open and close them various ways. They are easy to care for and come in all kinds of colors and textures, however white is the current rage.

More homeowners are also adding window treatments to their bedrooms to give it more inviting look. Some specialty stores can even match window coverings for the bedroom to bed ensembles, dust ruffles, shams, furniture, tables clothes, and toss pillows for a complete look.

Hire a professional to help

Once you’ve decided to do away with those velvet curtains from the 1970s or the spartan like blinds that would look better in an office building, make sure you hire a deign professional to help you.  An expert can provide you with everything you need for your window coverings from ideas and the fabric required to what you hang it on.

A professional should be able to work closely with you to make sure you will get with exactly what you want. They can make sure your windows look their best so the next time you take a peek out, you see a wonderful world in a whole new way.