If you think taking an online training course, or degree program isn’t for you, you might want to reassess what they have to offer.

Did you recently graduate from high school and found you didn’t have the financial resources to attend college? Or, maybe you don’t want to leave home because you have a great job that pays well? Are you someone who would like to earn an advanced degree but don’t have the time to go back to school?

If any of these situations above apply to your specific circumstances, there is an easy answer: take online training, courses, or attend an online college to get the additional education you seek.

Sure, traditional colleges and universities are great if you have the time and the money but if not, you might want to consider an online degree to aid you in advancing your career.

While you won’t get the experience of attending an actual college — dorm rooms, big classes, meeting other students, sports — you can still further your educational needs.

For example, even if you aren’t  interested in pursuing a degree, online courses/training may be able to provide important jobs skills that could improve your chances for job advancement, a pay hike, or even a job promotion.

Some advantages
Additionally, there are some real advantages. You can work and still go to school, raise a family, save on commuting costs and you can tackle homework assignments from anyplace — a hotel room with a WiFi connection, on a train, during your lunch break at your job, or even at your own kitchen table.

If you are lucky, your current boss may even be willing to help you pay for some of the expense of your online degree program, classes, etc. More and more employers are offering tuition assistance as a job benefit.

What are the benefits of obtaining an advanced degree? A recent Forbes article reported that many graduates of online MBA programs increased their salaries, including the MBA graduates of Kenan-Flagler Business School in North Carolina. About 76 percent of those online MBA graduates advanced to new jobs or earned promotions while in the program, and the pay increase, on average, was 29 percent.

Increased popularity
Online degree programs are becoming more popular and more widely acceptable in today’s workplace. If you are a non-traditional student hoping for a way to gain a degree or advance your career, pursuing online education should be on your list to at least explore.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to at least inquire about online training classes, courses, colleges and the like. Keep in mind that anything you can do in the present to improve your own lifestyle, family’s financial situation, and/or gain job satisfaction, could all be aided by taking some online training.

There are numerous schools in almost every city or community that offers classes in everything from vocational training and  data to telecommunications and even the medical field.

If you feel like you want to better yourself, taking online training courses, lectures, seminars, or a complete degree program might be the answer you have been hoping for.