Which generation is burdened with paying the most in rent? It’s the Millennials.

Not everyone today owns a home whether it’s because they can’t afford one, or perhaps they don’t want to be burdened with the upkeep.

A lot of people regardless of age prefer renting a home, condo or apartment.

But when it comes to those in their 20s who are just beginning to make their own way in life, many face challenges such as having low income due to limited work experience, leaving home and having to paying rent.

With this in mind Rentcafe.com decided to see which generation was the most rent-burdened between the ages of 22 and 30, as well as how much Millennials, Gen X-ers and Boomers spent on rent in that 8-year period.

The analysis refers to single people paying a median rent on their own, and all amounts were adjusted to 2017 prices.

According to Rentcafe.com analyzing US Census data going as far back as 1974, it discovered that rent burden followed an ascending trend over time, making Millennials the hardest hit generation. But the future doesn’t look too bright for Generation Z either.

Other key findings the group discovered:

Millennials pay $92,600 in total rent by the time they reach 30. Although they earn more compared to previous generations, they also must spend more on rent.  They also spend a lot renting, but the numbers also show that their total median income is the highest among generations, earning about $206,600 in 8 years.

However, Millennials spend 45% of this income on rent between the ages of 22 and 30, which is more than the recommended 30%. In fact, none of the two previous generations managed to keep the rent burden under 30% with Gen Xers witnessing a rent burden of 41% and Baby Boomers of 36%, RentCafe.com reports.

Both Gen Xers and Baby Boomers made less money than Millennials, but each group spent less on rent. Gen Xers spent a total of $82,200 on rent when they were in their 20s, and they earned about $202,100. Baby Boomers earned $195,700 while $71,000 of that went toward rent.

In addition to shelling out big bucks on rent, Rentcafe.com reports there were other reasons why Millennials witness such big financial challenges. A big one is the ever-increasing student loan debt, “which many economists blame as the reason Millennials aren’t able to buy homes.”

Rentcafe.com adds that Millennials do make more money than any those generation prior, but they’re also spending more on non-essentials such as Uber rides, dining out more, etc. At the same time, spending habits depend on where they live; Rentcafe.com reports Millennials like urban areas and big cities which can be pricey.

Other Rentcafe.com findings include:

By the time Millennials might be thinking about buying a home or starting a family, they are juggling rent and student loan debt. Compared to Baby Boomers (36%) and Generation X (41%), Millennials cope with a 45% rent burden in their 20s.

Because of the ever-increasing rents, discrepancies appeared within the same generation as well. With a rent burden of 47%, younger Millennials (20 – 29) surpass older Millennials who spent about 44% of their income on rent between the ages of 22 and 30, the report said.

If this trend continues, Gen Z-ers are expected to pay around $102,000 while in their 20s just to put a rented roof over their head.

The study in the end determined overall that Millennials do carry the weight of a very heavy rent burden and pay a lot on renting a place to live.