If you love history and religion, or you’re looking to explore some of the most beautiful spaces around the country, look no further. You can rent some of the most incredible religious buildings on Splacer — a platform for renting and booking unique spaces — for a few hours or longer.

Splacer says it is a go-to source for photographers, event planners and individuals looking for unique spaces in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Miami for weddings, company events, and so much more.

Using the website/service is easy. Once you find a perfect match, book the space and pay online through the easy-to-use payment system. It reports you can “create a memorable experience in a memorable space, and enjoy!}

So, go ahead and start exploring some of these top heavenly hotpots that you can rent from an old winery in New York to a former synagogue in Manhattan. You’ll never know what kind of venue you will find!

Winery and Old Stone Church

At 105 years old, this winery and old stone church has a brewery/vineyard and is made from beautiful stones of yesteryear. This church in Mohegan Lake, New York, also has gorgeous stone interiors with spaces for up to 100 guests for events. The high-vaulted ceilings and stonework are like taking a step back in time.

Brooklyn Sanctuary: Rugged, Luxurious Loft

An old church turned 21st century sanctuary, this duplex loft in Brooklyn can accommodate up to 60 people with indoor and outdoor soak tubs, a sauna, and more. It could be the perfect place to entertain, host a bachelor or bachelorette party, or any special occasion.

Inspiring Former Synagogue in Manhattan

This former synagogue in Manhattan can host up to 60 people and has been transformed into a townhouse with an event space. Once you get inside, the space speaks for itself with three outdoor patios and 22-foot high ceilings that allow for grandeur and elegance. Need a location for an anniversary party or special birthday? This might be the place.

Beautiful Landmark Church

Located on Park Avenue in the center of Manhattan, this church can hold up to 1,000 people and has been used for film shoots along with events and banquets.

If you are tired or simply bored of hosting a party or event in the same old places, maybe it is time to up the ante. Skip the banquet halls or large public gathering places in your local neighborhood. You might be better off to leave those places behind and opt for something completely off the beaten path.

Whatever type of space you are searching for — be it a wedding to remember, a family milestone, or a venue like any other — it may worth it to explore Spacer for something truly extraordinary instead of the ordinary location.