Pat yourself on the back, you’ve just hit milestone by graduating from high school. And you’re most likely about to embark on another milestone this fall when you head off to college and away from home for the very first time.

You’ll be leaving your old friends, family, home, favorite places to hang, and in general, all your current stomping grounds behind.

While you might be a bit panicked, it is also a time to be excited as you look toward creating a new direction, and a different path if you will as to where where your life is headed next.

On arrival

When you drive up the dorm or apartment for the first time, you’ll be nervous, excited and feeling some anxiety all at once. It’s normal, relax.

You also might be wondering how and where in the world you are going to meet and make new friends?

College is after all a big place even if it is a smaller institution or university that you have chosen to attend.

Some places you can potentially meet other students and even new friends that could be lifelong encounters are ready and waiting.

See our list below and check it out when you come up for air, unpack and get your dorm room set up.

Places to meet friends

Student unions or student halls can be the perfect spots to meet other students who might very well be in the same boat as you are – these are places that typically are at the center of campus life and host events and may have areas to dine.

If you really want to meet other students and friends, you might want to investigate joining a fraternity or sorority. Typically, in the fall or at the beginning of each new term or semester, frat and sorority houses are looking for new members to join.

Many new students can find solace and friendships perhaps at the library on campus where all kinds of events and get-togethers usually take place.

Most colleges and universities offer a wide variety of clubs, organizations and groups that you can join in your free time. Check out what is being offered at your school perhaps through the student union or look around at posters, bulletin boards and places where announcements are placed.

In class is perhaps one of the most popular and common places you can befriend fellow students. You might be asked to partner up with other students in various class projects depending on the course.

You can also make acquaintances with those in your dorm, apartment complex or wherever you have decided to live at school. Most freshmen are required to live on campus and in dorms, which makes it easy to find a few friends to hang with.

There are plenty of places you can meet new people when you are away at college and start friendships that could potentially be lifelong. All you must do is be prepared to put yourself out there, be friendly and open, and people will gravitate toward you.