We have already entered into the age of 3D printing. As the technology develops and becomes more cost-effective, hobbyists and professionals alike now have the power to create detail 3D objects. However, there may be situations where you want to create and edit an object from something that already exists rather than creating a design from scratch. For this task, you will need a 3D scanner.

Do I need a 3D scanner?

A 3D scanner enables you to copy real-world objects so that they can be edited or printed immediately. It is a tool that bolsters your 3D printing capability and makes your life a bit easier since you can work out designs from objects that already exist. No matter if you are a professional or just a hobbyist, a 3D scanner is a must-have.

What are the best 3D scanners?

First, you need to start with your budget; 3D scanners have a broad range of price, and this will ultimately be the main determiner for many. If you are just a hobbyist, then you probably want to look at the more affordable 3D scanners that are in the $1,000 range. If you are more serious, then you will probably want to look at 3D scanners well above $1,000. And at the top end of the price, you can go beyond $10,000 if you are a serious industry professional or a die hard hobbyist with a lot of cash to spend. Here are three 3D scanners across multiple price ranges.

Occipital wireless other for Apple iPad Air 2 and Apple 9.7-inch iPad Pro

If you are on a budget, then you should consider this 3D scanner. With a ticket price of $379.00 on Amazon, it is going to be one of the cheapest 3D scanners on the market. It allows you to do 3D scanning, indoor mapping, and mixed reality gaming. The developer SDK allows you to develop your own 3D powered games and Apps. However, you should keep in mind that if you are going to go on the cheap for a scanner, the quality you might desire probably won’t be there.

EinScan-SE white light desktop 3D scanner

Still on the lower end in terms of price, the EinScan-SE is the next jump for those who are willing to spend a little more cash. Currently listed on Amazon for $1,399, this scanner beats out the previous scanner we listed in terms of quality. It comes with one scanner, turntable, scanner stand, scanner bracket, calibration board holder, power cord, power adapter, USB A and USB cables, and a one-year manufacturer warranty. If you have the money, we recommend you go for a scanner at this price point or higher. You will notice a significant difference in quality.

EinScan-Pro+ multi-functional handheld 3D scanner 

This scanner is quite the leap in price. Currently listed on Amazon for $5,299, it comes with four different scan modes. It can do handheld HD scan, handheld rapid scan, automatic scan, and a fixed scan. However, the drawback to this scanner is that you will need to purchase the industrial pack with it, which will cost you an additional $799 on Amazon. However, for still being under $10k, it is a great alternative to the higher end scanners.