Hiring new employees is not as easy as it once was because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, as companies continue to slowly staff up and hire new employees over the next months, they will need to prioritize diversity and remote working, according to a new “Work Different” survey from DailyPay.

The research shows the majority of Americans feel companies with diversity in its leadership and workforce are more desired places to work and more equipped to relate to its customers. The poll also reveals the majority of job seekers want a company that offers the ability to work remotely and those who do work remotely are more effective and work longer hours, according to a news release.

Regarding diversity, the main takeaways from the survey shows the majority of Americans feel for companies, championing diversity is not just appropriate but also the smart thing to do for business:

  • 60% say diversity in company leadership is important when deciding on where to apply for a job;
  • 65% say diversity in the overall staff makes a company better-positioned to relate to its customers;
  • 63% say having female leaders in a company is good for business; and
  • 59% say having a diverse workforce is good for business.

As for remote work, the majority of those polled would work out of the office if they had the chance and seek jobs who do offer it. For those who do work remotely, the majority work longer hours and claim to be more effective, the news release added.

  • 84% who could work remotely would if given the chance;
  • 60% say they work more hours from home with 33% of those saying they work 8 or hours more per week remotely (or more than 400 hours a year);
  • 56% say allowing employees to work remotely makes a company more attractive when applying for a job compared to 17% who say it’s less attractive; and
  • 48% say they are more effective when working remotely compared to 14% who claim they are less effective.

“As companies look to attract top talent, they will work different to highlight their commitment to support these issues,” said Jason Lee, CEO of DailyPay in the news release. “As employees are starting to demand more from their employers, companies need to take the opportunity to do it different this time — to staff different, to interact with customers different and to pay different.

DailyPay has been following the latest hiring trends with the “Rehire America Index” that provides data on selected industries as they navigate during the global pandemic.

The survey was conducted from June 22-26 and targeted 673 hourly employees using real-time bidding and google ad exchange inventory to deliver ad-driven surveys to consumers at scale. For more details on the survey, you can visit here.

Source: DailyPay