Manufacturers have been incorporating waterproof features to phones with recent releases. However, many phones still remain vulnerable, particularly the iPhone 6 series, to water damage. The most common places for a phone to get exposed to water is in the bathroom or at the dinner table with a spilled drink. Many of us have dropped our phones just trying to get it out of our jean’s pockets, which can lead to it ending up in a puddle.

With mobile phones becoming another part of our wallet with its ability to store credit cards digitally, concert tickets, airplane tickets, and other things, it is important for us to find the best products to increase protection without losing out on functionality. Here are the top 3 best waterproof cases that can protect your phone.

The Vansky Universal Waterproof Case

One of the most popular and affordable waterproof cases on the market right now is the Vansky universal waterproof case. Starting at $9.99 on Amazon, the case has a lot to offer. Not only does it accommodate iPhones, but it can also be used with Android devices with a maximum of 6.3 inches in screen size. For those that are concerned about the environment, this product is eco-friendly, and the materials that are used to make it so do not sacrifice durability. It is scratch resistant and is made to handle extreme conditions. Although it is less like a case and more like a pouch, it can withstand depths of 100 feet for up to 30 minutes. It even has an external audio jack so you can listen to music while your phone is in its case.

Universal Waterproof Case by JOTO

Another popular case on Amazon, this product currently starts at $7.89 and goes up to no more than 9.99 depending on the color you choose. It too is compatible with all smartphones but accommodates a smaller screen size in comparison to the Vansky at only 6 inches. Much like the Vansky, it has clear windows that allow you to interact with your phone by touch while it is in the case. It is comparable to the Vansky in many ways, with it also being IPX8 certified to 100 feet, dustproof, sand proof, and waterproof. What may draw some to this over the Vansky is its wide range of colors that allows someone to add a personalized touch to their purchase. It comes in several different kinds of camo color schemes, as well as light blue, turquoise, pink, white, and black.

Heavy-Duty Universal Submariner Waterproof Case

For a few bucks more, you can get something that is more durable than the Vansky and the JOTO. It can fit any smart phone up to 6.3 inches in length. Starting at $10.95 on Amazon, it too can prevent any water entering in the case up to 100 feet. Furthermore, for added protection and durability, it also has a 30 percent stronger welded seam. It comes with clear windows on the front and back, which allows the user to interact with their phone except in instances where you need the fingerprint reader according to “The 7 Best Waterproof Phone Cases to Buy in 2018.” Moreover, it has enough room inside to store cash and credit cards.