Here is a look at the top 3 fishing rods you should buy if you like to fish or are considering taking up the sport.

I remember catching Rainbow trout up in the mountains with my dad as a boy. My brothers and I were all part of Indian Guides and took many trips to Mammoth, Catalina Island, and other outdoor locations. At the time, I hated fish, and I never ate what I caught. But I remember how relaxing and fun fishing was.

We always had good fishing rods. Mine was a junior model, but it was easy to use. I can still feel the tension in the thumb button whenever I would cast out my line. The memories of those trips will forever remain with me. To help others create their own memories, here are three fishing rods that will serve you well.

KastKing Centron Spinning Reel

With four stars on Amazon, the KastKing is the most expensive fishing rod on this list, but it is still very affordable. Listed at $59.98, the 3000 Reel is a medium, two-piece rod that is 7-foot in length. There are four other options, including the 2000 6-inch medium rod, 3000 6-foot 6-inch medium rod, 4000 7-foot 6-inch medium heavy rod and the 5000 8-foot heavy rod.

If you are new to fishing, then you probably don’t know why there are different lengths for this rod. The lengths are important to pay attention to because it relates to what sort of fish you intend to catch. For instance, the 6-foot is for Bass, Trout, and Panfish while the 8-foot can handle Catfish, Steelhead, and Salmon.

UglyStik GX2 Spinning Rod

Although you will need to buy a reel to accompany this fishing pole, this product is the #1 best seller on Amazon. It is a 2-piece fishing rod, 7-foot medium power spinning rod that comes with a 7-year warranty. It is a great pack rod if you are going backpacking up into the mountains. When you go backpacking, your pack’s weight is a primary concern. You don’t want to overburden yourself with too much gear. This rod’s fiberglass and graphite construction will make sure you do not add too much weight. But don’t let its weight deceive you. It is quite durable and will perform well regardless.

PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod

Listed as Amazon’s choice, this fishing rod is being sold as a package deal. It comes with a full kit that includes one fishing rod, one fishing reel, fishing line, different kinds of fishing lures, fishing hooks, a carrier bag, and other necessary accessories. Depending on which fishing od length you get, the entire kit will run you $64.99, which is a great introductory deal. And with this purchase, you will get a 12-month warranty that will protect your purchase.