One of my favorite things in the world is sleep. Can you guess what one of my least favorite things is? You probably guessed it—being woken up early by an annoying alarm. Tech companies have realized the need for better alarm clocks that have features to promote a natural sleep cycle and go beyond just an average alarm clock. Rather than being woken up by a siren, there are Smart alarm clocks now that help you wake up more naturally. Moreover, there are alarm clocks that help you take better advantage of technology.

Here are the top three Smart alarms clocks that offer a new look at the alarm clocks.

hOmeLabs Sunrise alarm clock

Featured as the number one best seller on Amazon, the hOmeLabs sunrise alarm clock has a lot of unique features that make it a game changer. One of its key features is how you are able to wake up naturally with a sunlight effect. A warm, white LED light will turn on 30 minutes prior to the alarm going off and will gradually grow brighter as you approach the desired time you want to wake up.

For heavy sleepers, it comes with a snooze button that will give you five extra minutes of sleep. It is located on the clock top, but be forewarned. You can easily hit the power button that will turn the clock completely off. So, you are probably better off rising when you intended to rather than snoozing. Some of the other features that come with it include six different colored LED options for when you are using it as a lamp, natural alarm sounds such as birds, and a FM radio. At $19.99 on Amazon, it is a great deal for what you get.

iHOME App-Enhanced alarm clock

Although the name may be miss leading, this alarm clock actually is compatible with most Smartphones and tablets. This alarm clock is different from the previous for its main focus isn’t geared toward waking up naturally. It can serve as a charging station for your Smartphone or tablet, or as a hub for controlling lights and thermostats in the house. For the latter, it can integrate with iHome Control Plugs. It comes in seven different colors, can pulsate during music or flash when you are receiving a phone call. This is more than just an alarm clock, and it is, for this reason, it is listed $59.95 on Amazon.

Hometime wireless charging alarm clock radio

Serving as a charging station, this alarm clock does so without the hassle of a cable. Nothing is more frustrating than buying new charging cables because the ends frayed, exposing the wires. With this alarm clock, all you have to do is place your Smartphone on top of the alarm clock and it will charge. It is compatible with these phones: iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, Galaxy S8/S7/S7, edge/S6. It comes with Bluetooth capability, has a built-in microphone so you can handle phone calls hands-free, FM radio, alarm clock with four dim level settings, and one USB charging port. Coming in at $65.99 on Amazon, it is also more than an alarm clock, and is wireless, which is probably why it costs the most on our list.