Whether you already have kids or Childproofinyou are just starting a family it’s important to make sre your home is read

Having a child (or two) at home comes with much responsibility as you may or may not know in terms of childproofing your home. You’ll want to make sur certain precauations are in place so kids stay safe. While acidnet may or may not occuer, being ahead of the game can’t hurt.

There’s no doubt about it: childproofing your home is important for the safety of your children.

Here are some tips and suggestions you might want to take to protect your kids in your home.

  • Make sure all electrical outlets have plug covers. These plastic covers plug in the outlet and fit tightly in the outlet so most children cannot get them out easily.
  •  Stairs and steps should always have safety gates up to keep the baby or small child from falling down the stairs.
  •  All household cleaners and poisons should remain in a locked or closed cupboard that is high enough so that the baby and young kids cannot reach it.
  • Have phone numbers for the fire department, ambulance, and poison control by your telephone at all times. Put them on Post-its, chalkboards or cork boards and make sure they are visible.
  • In the kitchen, it’s important to keep the handles turned toward the back of the stove out of children’s reach.
  • Furniture should have rounded corners or be padded in case the baby falls into them.
  • If you have blinds in your home, keep the cords up high where kids cannot reach as they can get easily strangled in these cords.
  • Keep lighters and matches away from where children can reach them.
  • Keep all plastic bags in hard to reach places so children do not have access. Bags can easily suffocate a small child or baby.
  • Make sure you have smoke detectors on each floor of your home.
  • Every home with kids should have a First-Aid kit.
  • Keep all craft items such as knitting needles, crochet hooks, hobby glues, yarns, strings and other hobby items locked up.
  • All phone cords, computer cords and other electronic devices should be kept far away from children and babies.
  • If you have a pool be sure it has a safety fence around it and or a lock. Small children tend to be curious about water and could wander off into an unlocked yard or pool area.
  • If you have pets make sure you watch over them. You might want to keep a muzzle on a dog that tends nip.
  • Certain plants are toxic to humans and should be kept away from the home.
  • Keep all silverware, knives and sharp-edged kitchen items out of reach of babies and young children.

No safety measures can replace supervision. Children are quick and need to be watched constantly. It only takes a minute for an accident to occur.

By following these tips you will keep your children safe and out of harm’s way.