The popularity of flying drones as a hobby and even as a sport has grown over the last several years. If you are looking to jump onboard and purchase your first drone, then continue reading. We are going to provide a short list of some of the best drones for beginners to purchase—let’s take a look.

Hubsan X4 H107L Quadcopter

This drone shows up on many top lists for beginners across the Internet, and it is for a good reason. Coming in at an affordable $27.00 on Amazon, it surely does not skimp on desirable features. It is ready to use out of the box, comes with a rechargeable port via USB, a precision six-axis flight control system with a 4 channel 2.4Ghz control. In comparison to other beginner drones, it has a slightly longer flight time with it being able to hover for around 10 minutes. It also comes with a built-in camera and an SDHC card to record 0.3-megapixel videos. And if you are looking for a drone that does tricks, it can perform barrel rolls and flips.

Cheerwing Syma Explorers 2

One of the key features of this drone is the Headless/IOC function. This makes it particularly great for the novice flyer for usually the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. However, the forward direction is separated from nose direction with this function, reducing the learning curve for beginner drone pilots. Sitting at $35.98 on Amazon, it also comes with a six-axis flight control system like the previous Hubsan. It also has an HD camera, which allows you to take both videos, as well as pictures. Lastly, it has a flight time of around 7 minutes.

UDI U818A Discovery

Topping the list in terms of price, the Discovery is a great option for the beginner flyer coming in at $89.99 on Amazon. Part of the reason for the higher price point is its camera. It comes with a 720P HD camera and a 4GB SD card for storage. It has two speeds for flight, as well as an easy button for flips. It too also has a six-axis flight control system and a headless flight function so that the drone orients to the pilot’s position. Another reason for the higher price tag is its battery life, which allows you to fly it for 18 minutes, nearly double of the previous two drones we have on this list. Also, it has an LED light that starts to flash when it is running low on battery.

What you should know about FAA registering

Whatever drone you decide to purchase, you should make sure if you need to register it with the Federal Aviation Administration before taking it for its first spin. If your drone is underneath the weight threshold with the FAA, then you won’t have to register it. However, if you are over, the registration process is simple and will cost you $5. There are also other safety requirements that you should be aware of that has been compiled here by 3D Insider

Happy flying!