Have you already fallen back on all your New Year’s resolutions?

Well, as yet another National Ditch Your Resolution Day came and went, Life Time,  a premier healthy lifestyle brand, said you should ditch your big resolution and instead focus on taking one positive action each day to better your health.

Each year, Jan. 17 is known as the day when the newest year, new me resolutioners give up on their big goals instead of old habits. Why is that? Experts say that most resolutions fail because they are too big and broad, and don’t have set plans attached. Instead, smaller actions each day can lead to habit and mindset changes that prove lasting, according to a Life Time new release.

Big Fails

After a tumultuous 2020, more Americans are looking to renew their sense of health and determination in 2021 according to a recent survey of both Life Time members and non-members. 93% of respondents said they feel the pandemic has negatively impacted the overall health of Americans, and, because of this, more than 80% are feeling more inspired than ever before to make a health goal in 2021. The Healthy Way of Life Co. warns, however, not to resolve, the news release said.

The importance of overall health and fitness in building and maintaining a strong immune system and mental health has never been more important.

For those located near a Life Time and wanting to engage in-person, nearly 86% of the survey respondents noted earlier said they miss their in-person workout community, Life Time’s athletic resorts across the nation continue following all local and national guidelines. Since May, Life Time has experienced more than 25 million visits with fewer than 1,500 reported cases of COVID – equivalent to .006%, without a single case that originated in its clubs, the news release added.

Source: Life Time, Inc.