Kids can be expensive, right?  Whether someone just brought a bundle of joy home from the hospital, adopted a teen from foster care, or is raising their grandchild but there are several tax breaks that can help.

Help with Taxes

Explore these tips below for when you file your taxes next year and/or beyond in the years to come, according to a news release.

Tax Tips for New Parents

Check Eligibility for These Tax Credits and Deductions

  • Child Tax Credit
    Taxpayers who claim at least one child as their dependent on their tax return may be eligible for the Child Tax Credit. For help figuring out if a child qualifies for this credit, taxpayers can check Does My Child/Dependent Qualify for the Child Tax Credit or the Credit for Other Dependents?
  • Child and Dependent Care Credit
    If taxpayers paid someone to take care of their children or another member of their household while they work, they may qualify for the Child and Dependent Care Credit regardless of their income. Taxpayers who pay for daycare expenses may be eligible to claim up to 35% of their daycare expenses with certain limits.
  • Adoption Tax Credit
    This credit lets families who are in the adoption process during the tax-year claim eligible adoption expenses for each eligible child. Taxpayers can apply the credit to international, domestic, private, and public foster care adoptions.
  • Earned Income Tax Credit
    The Earned Income Tax Credit helps low- to moderate-income families get a tax break. If they qualify, taxpayers can use the credit to reduce the taxes they owe – and maybe increase their tax refund.
  • Credit for Other Dependents
    Taxpayers with dependents who don’t qualify for the Child Tax Credit may be able to claim the Credit for Other Dependents. Taxpayers can use the Does My Child/Dependent Qualify for the Child Tax Credit or the Credit for Other Dependents tool on to help determine if they are eligible to claim the credit. They can claim this credit in addition to the Child and Dependent Care Credit and the Earned Income Credit.

Source: IRS