Are you someone who mixes business with travel also known as the trendy Bleisure or Business Travel? Apparently, there are a lot of you out there According to CheapOair, the online travel agency and a provider of affordable flights, has recently released data that demonstrates a marked rise in  interest around Bleisure (Business Leisure) travel destinations for economically minded consumers wishing to extend their business trips into short getaways.

“The summer months are always a popular time for leisure travel, but as more and more millennials look for a quick weekend reprieve, the rise of Bleisure travel gives way to an increase in bookings as well,” said Tom Spagnola, CheapOair’s Senior Vice President of Supplier Relations in a recent CheapOair news release.

Popular Bleisure Locations

Additionally, locations that may have previously been overlooked as strictly summer travel destinations are gaining popularity as young professionals are placing a premium on practicality and discovering new location gems as a result.

Additionally, the travel company said luxury destinations are also seeing more bookings this summer. With many new airline services to Honolulu, Hawaii, there has been an 8% decrease in the average cost per ticket from 2018, making the desired tropical destination accessible to more consumers.

“Business travelers are extending their work trips to enjoy a few days of leisure travel, allowing new locales to rise to the top which is wonderful for travelers looking for new experiences without the heavy price tag that comes with some more traditional vacations spots. Cities like Denver and Boston are being rediscovered as cultural hubs that have even more to offer during the hot weather months,” Spagnola said in the release.

CheapOair says it helps to bridges the gap between an online travel agency and a traditional agency with certified travel agents available 24/7 to help find discount flight tickets to global destinations on more than 600 airlines, a million hotels, and 100s of car rental companies.

Where to Go

Here are some of the most popular bleisure travel locations for summer according to the website and the news release. Is one of your favorites listed?

Bleisure Destinations for Summer 2019 by Price*
DestinationAverage Roundtrip Airfare
Orlando, FL$270.38
Denver, CO$283.08
Las Vegas, NV$297.68
Houston, TX$313.77
New York, NY$340.81
Boston, MA$341.41
Los Angeles, CA$353.87

*Prices complied July 16, 2019 by CheapOair and are subject to change.

Through its travel trend monitoring, CheapOair’s added its mission is to educate and aid consumers and travel professionals in both planning their travel accommodations and staying current on the most popular destinations.

Before summer comes to a close you might want to check out one of the above travel destinations if you are headed out for business but plan to stay on for a few days. It’s definitely now easier than ever to combine work-related trips and leisure for the perfect getaway.

So, go ahead and do grab your laptop, cellphone, and your Powerpoint presentation like you always do, but don’t forget to pack your swimsuit. It’s time to enjoy a truly remarkable bleisure vacay.

Source: CheapOair