Are you dreaming of a vacation overseas? Across the Pond? Europe? Are you hesitant to grab your suitcase and cancel work hours?

A new study discovered one in five (23%) U.S. participants would avoid a trip if they thought jet lag was going to affect them.

Not Wanting to Cope

Nearly half of the 2,000 U.S. respondents (42%) find coping with jet lag to be a challenge and over 53% claim that the fear of missing out makes them ignore how tired their body is when traveling. Jet lag itself can come in many forms, and the most common side effects people experience are feelings of exhaustion (26%), difficulty sleeping (25%), and headaches (23%).

One in six respondents claim they regularly employ strategies to try and avoid the dreaded jet lag while traveling, from quirky sleeping habits to copious amounts of caffeine. Staying hydrated (48%), power naps (35%), and using a neck pillow on the flight or in the airport (25%) are go-to methods for many as they try to adjust to different time zones, according to a news release.

Here’s Help

For the non-stop traveler, YOTEL is stepping in to help travelers combat jet lag, by partnering with Fount – a human performance R&D company specializing in creating the ultimate health and performance tools for anyone looking to optimize their life —to provide guests with its newly launched post-flight jet lag supplement protocol known as FlyKitt Rescue.

An all-natural timed supplement program specifically for anyone already experiencing jet lag symptoms, FlyKitt Rescue helps decrease inflammation, restore normal immune activity, support sleep, boost energy, and get travelers back in rhythm to continue their adventures. This is the same technology used by dozens of professional and Olympic sports teams and elite military units.

Long-haul Flights

In addition, YOTEL’s bath and beauty partner Urban Jungle is offering a select number of Skin Recovery Kits with products supporting skin renewal caused by a lack of sleep after long-haul flights. The kits will include the Dust It Off Exfoliator and Plump Fiction Serum. To further the sleep experience and timing adjustment, YOTEL will offer guests Lumie Lights and tailored temperature control in each bedroom.

“At YOTEL we enable our guests to stay non-stop and get centered quickly in some of the biggest gateway cities in the world. Having witnessed how disruptive jet lag can be as part of this journey, we set out to take actions and forge new partnerships to best equip guests to stay on the go while they travel,” said Olivia Donnan, VP Brand at YOTEL. “In partnership with like-minded innovative brands, Fount and Urban Jungle, we’re continuing to challenge the status quo and pushing boundaries to stop jet lag from disrupting our guests’ travels.”

Source: YOTEL