Need some solutions to remove WiFi dead zones in your home? Keep reading below for answers to make your life, as well as the technology you rely on a whole lot easier.

Nothing is more frustrating than poor WiFi signal in your own home. It has happened to me on many occasions. I will be in the middle of looking something up on my phone and as soon as I step into a certain part of my house the WiFi signal tanks. If you work from home or tend to use your devices quite a bit when you are around the house, having strong WiFi is a must. To remove the dead zones in your own home, a simple solution is to place WiFi extenders in the areas where the signal becomes weakest. Here is a short list of the best WiFi extenders you should consider buying.


Listed on Amazon as their #1 Best Seller, this WiFi Extender is best when servicing the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, iPad 2, and a PlayStation 3. It has the capability to extend o your WiFi up to 300Mbps. With its wall plug design, you can place it on a wall plug near a place where the signal gets weak. It is compatible with any standard router, and also has the capability to connect to wired devices with its ethernet port. At $25.99, it is fairly affordable and will help you close those dead zone gaps in your home.

TP-Link N300

Currently listed as Amazon’s Choice, this model differs from the different model for it allows you to expand your wireless coverage. By pushing the Range Extender button, you can increase the boundaries of your WiFi dominion. It is able to support AP mode, which enables you to create a new WiFi access point. It comes with a 2-year warranty and free 24/7 support. Coming in at $17.99, it is also very affordable and offers a simple solution to your poor WiFi signal in certain rooms.

Google WiFi System

If you want to take a more drastic measure to eliminate dead zones in your home, you can then consider replacing your current WiFi router system altogether. This WiFi system is meant to close down the WiFi gaps in your home. This 3-pack allows you to cover 4,500 square feet in your home with WiFi coverage. With a simple application download, you are able to see what is connected, prioritize devices, and pause WiFi connection on your kid’s devices. Although it is an expensive up-front purchase, listed at $249.99, you will not have to worry about having wall plugs in the right areas or taking away wall plugs with multiple WiFi Extenders.

Closing thoughts

If it is just one trouble area, or even a couple trouble areas you are trying to fix, then a WiFi extender would probably do the job. But if you consistently lose signal in multiple points in your home, then maybe it is time to consider revamping your current WiFI system. With the latter suggestion, you can get the benefit of having multiple access points for WiFi while having greater control over who and what device is on your network.