Screen appeal is the new curb appeal, and homes with Listing Showcase — immersive, AI-powered listings available only on Zillow — capture more views, sell for higher prices, and sell faster than similar homes on Zillow with traditional online listings.

New Zillow data shows that Showcase listings are 20% more likely to secure an accepted offer within 14 days compared to similar typical listings on Zillow.1 Homes listed with Showcase also sell for 2% more, a bonus of more than $9,000 on the average home.1

“The introduction of Showcase listings on Zillow has been a game changer for sellers — it represents the future of property listings on the most visited real estate website in the U.S.,” said Zillow Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Wacksman in a news release. “And it’s quite clear Showcase listings both attract shoppers and help sellers net a higher asking price. In today’s spring shopping season, well-marketed and well-priced homes move quickly, and Showcase is helping to do just that.”

Selling Season

As the selling season gets into full swing, it’s important for a home listing to stand out. According to Zillow’s most recent market, 12.2% more were listings active in March, compared to last year. Well-marketed and competitively priced listings are going quickly, while others linger, with the median age for all listings on Zillow standing at 43 days.

Listings on Zillow serve as the initial impression of a house for many prospective buyers, and making a property stand out is key for a seller. Showcase listings earn 75% more page views, 68% more, more saves and 75% more shares compared to similar nearby traditional listings on Zillow.1 By working with a Showcase agent, sellers will have their homes appear higher in home shoppers’ personalized search results, which most majority of shoppers begin their search.

Showcase Listings Stand Out with High-quality 3D Tours 

Showcase listings blend high-resolution scrolling images, room-by-room photo organization, interactive floor plans, a floor plan o, on the map, and other features into a beautiful, AI-powered listing that will give shoppers a deeper understanding of the home virtually before they ever step inside.

Listing Showcase’s interactive floor plans help home shoppers visualize where they are in the home’s layout and get a sense of its flow, making it easier to picture themselves living there. Additionally, this Showcase technology perfectly lends itself to the Zillow Immerse app for Apple Vision Pro. The app is the most interactive way to explore a for-sale home, giving a panoramic 360-degree view of every room, from the ceiling to the floor — providing an online shopping experience that viewers can’t find anywhere else.

Hiring an agent who uses this cutting-edge technology is vital, because Zillow survey data shows more than half of prospective buyers regret wasting time visiting properties they would have skipped if they had had access to the floor plan beforehand. At the same time, 79% of prospective buyers are more likely to view a listing if it includes a floor plan that appeals to them. Additionally, 3 out of 4 prospective buyers recognize the value of a dynamic floor plan, which links each photo to where it was taken in the floor plan, providing the best possible understanding of whether a particular home is the right fit for their needs.

“Selling a home, often a person’s largest financial asset, can be an overwhelming, complex, emotional process,” said Cynthia Taylor, vice president of product at ShowingTime+. “A listing agent who uses Showcase can play a crucial role in the process, offering peace of mind with a top Zillow listing and securing the best price, quickly — which helps ensure a smooth transition to the next chapter.”

Great Agent

A great real estate agent does much more than stick a sign in the yard — such an agent determines the marketing strategy for your home, leveraging tools like Srecommendsommending the best time to list, and advising which features tap into trends that help homes sell.

1 All claims are based on the data available here.

Source:  Zillow