Shopping for car insurance isn’t the most exciting experience; however, if you qualify for certain discounts, the process might be better than you anticipated. Keep in mind that is important to compare auto insurances if you want the best bang for your buck.

There are some car insurance companies that will offer various discount auto insurance incentives that may lower car insurance policies. This will ultimately lower your monthly premium and the overall annual amount you pay for your auto insurance policy.

For example, when you start calling around and inquiring about auto insurance rates, know what you want in a policy. While the lowest rate offered can be attractive, it may not turn out to be what you need in the long run.

Be prepared and ready

Before calling, ask yourself what you need in a policy, what your budget is and be ready to offer the agent personal information such as where you went to college, if you have good credit, are you married, etc. By offering some of this information to the agent, you might be able to save on the policy.

Student discount

If you are currently in college, or have a child in college, you, or he, or she might qualify for a student discount.

Where you call home

Depending on where in the country you live, be it a rural or urban area, or a large metropolitan city, you might qualify for certain discounts.

College graduate

Some car insurance agencies offer discounts to those who may have graduated from certain colleges and universities that could be participating with the car insurance company. Be sure to tell them where you attended and where you graduated.

Security systems

If you had a car alarm or security system installed in your car, or if it already came installed with such a system, you might qualify for a discount.


If your auto is stored in a covered garage, or sometimes a carport, you might qualify for a discount.

Marital status

Sometimes, if there is more than one vehicle in the house and you have spouse, you might both benefit from a discount.

Professional discount

Some car insurance companies offer discounts on policies depending on professions, for example, some careers such as doctors often qualify for a discount.

 Good credit

If you have a high credit score, it is possible you might qualify for a discount.

Good driving stats

 If you have no tickets, or points on your record, you could be a good candidate for a discount.


If you are 55 or older, ask for a discount.

In the end, when you are shopping for a car insurance policy, be sure to contact a reputable agency first and foremost. Also, do shop around and check with more than one agency for the best policy to fit your budget and individual needs. Be sure to also ask your agent if there are any additional discounts you might qualify. Be prepared to share pertinent, but personal information that could save you money in the end.