Seniors: It’s never to late to start your own business and don’ let anyone tell you otherwise.

Have you retired and had enough of playing golf and/or taking classes to fill up your time? Do you miss going to work? Feel like there’s more to life than doing hobbies? Maybe you are someone who really liked to work and/or always dreamed of starting your own business? Did someone tell you at some point in time it was too late or you were too old to have such thoughts?

You can pretty much throw all those opinions out the window. Why? Because apparently, it’s never too late to start a business, even when you are in your senior years. This according to a study by which surveyed 1,100 Americans.

The study found that Baby Boomers are retiring in record numbers and with higher life expectancy and better healthcare, a record number of people 65 and older are projected to keep working.

For example, post-secondary teachers 65 and older make up 11.3 percent of the workforce and despite universities trying to buy out older professors, retirement offers are being declined, and 15 percent plan to keep teaching until they are 80.

The team at studied elderly employment trends and found the Top 11 Occupations Held by American’s 65 and Over.

  • Management: 320,000 employed; 8.2% of the workforce
  • Farmers: 293,000 employed; 29.9% of the workforce
  • Retail Sales: 269,000 employed; 8.2% of workforce
  • Administrative Support: 246,000 employed; 8.5% of workforce
  • Drivers: 245,000 employed; 7.4% of workforce
  • CEO’s: 198,000 employed; 12.8% of workforce
  • Retail Supervisors: 197,000 employed; 6.1% of workforce
  • Janitors: 180,000 employed; 8% of workforce
  • Real Estate Agents: 179,000; 21.1% of workforce
  • Elementary and Middle School Teachers: 152,000; 5% of workforce
  • Post-secondary Teachers: 152,000; 11.3% of workforce

As you can see from these numbers, older Americans are still working, still making their mark in various industries and in general, aren’t all ready to hang their working duties up for good.

A decent portion of those over 65 are still working in real estate, and as farmers. Isn’t it nice to see the older set still enjoys putting in a hard day at the office or into profession they like or have chosen to make a living at? Perhaps you are also someone who as has gone back and forth with asking yourself if you should still be working or if you should go back to work after you have left the office so to speak.

Well, there’s no time like the present and it looks like you are not alone according to these figures above. It’s clearly never too late to do what you love, and if that’s going back to work, joining the workforce, or starting your own business as an entrepreneur, go ahead, explore!

To view the complete study, based on data collected and analyzed from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, please visit the Elderly Employment Study from