Today, you can buy just about anything online from cars to clothes and COVID-19 test kits. Why buy not a home for you and your family the same way?

Real estate marketplaces are moving steadily into online transactions and you can buy a home online, too.

It’s anyone’s race; some small companies may be the quickest to offer consumers seamless buy-or-sell experiences they’re used to everywhere else.

Annual Report Findings

The AIM Group’s 2021 Real Estate Marketplaces Annual explores online property transactions, with almost 150 pages of trends, companies to watch, strategies and tactics, lists, charts, and deep-dive analysis, according to a news release.

Agents and brokers, lenders and lawyers, inspectors and assessors — all are involved in property transactions. Coordinating the moving parts is difficult, and takes time. Enter the one-stop platform, according to the news release.

“Purely digital transactions are coming to real estate,” said AIM Group Executive Editor Peter M. Zollman in the news release. “Dozens of online real estate marketplaces and proptech companies are moving into transactions fast. Some markets, like Australia, already have online transactions; in others, they’re  ‘coming soon.'”


The report according to the news release spotlights strategies and tactics at some of the world’s most interesting digital real estate businesses: Cian, Hemnet, PropertyGuru, REA Group, and more, according to news release. Plus, there are “companies to watch:” AoCubo, CoStar, and Houza.

The report ranks the Top 50 real estate marketplace sites worldwide, the Top 15 real estate sites by revenue, and the Top 3 marketplaces in 66 countries. While Zillow is No. 1 globally, how will its catastrophic IBuying venture play out long-term?

The report covers more than 230 companies and was based on more than 100 interviews with senior executives in the real estate industry, according to the news release.

The AIM Group provides global business intelligence services — news and analysis, conferences, and consulting — for automotive, real estate, recruitment, and horizontal marketplaces and classified advertising companies, according to the news release.

Source: AIM Group