Are you ready or thinking about traveling alone next year or in a small group? You’re not alone as a new report says there’s a significant increase in travelers who are booking trips as solos for 2023.

According to Overseas Adventure Tavel, the number of solo travelers reserving for 2023 is up 24% compared to 2019. In the past month alone, O.A.T. has seen a 27% jump in solo travelers making reservations compared to the previous month. Fifty-three percent (53%) of all O.A.T. travelers are solo travelers. The majority of solo travelers with O.A.T. are women – eight in 10.

“Women traveling alone are embracing small group travel,” said Brian FitzGerald, chief executive officer of O.A.T in a news release. “Like other travelers, solos are eager to visit far-flung destinations, interact with local people, and immerse themselves in unique cultures.”

Many travelers started traveling internationally again last year, but there is still plenty of pent-up demand for 2023. Solos are part of that trend.

Popular for 2023
Egypt remains a particularly strong choice in 2023 for solo travelers. Ancient Egypt & the Nile River, a 16-day O.A.T. Small Group Adventure, tops the list of most popular adventures for solo travelers in 2023. Close to half of the travelers reserved for Ancient Egypt in 2023 are solos. Also popular with solos is Japan’s Cultural Treasures. The country recently reopened to international travelers. Another in-demand adventure for solo travelers is Ultimate AfricaBotswanaZambia & Zimbabwe Safari. Nearly 2,400 solo travelers joined O.A.T. on this adventure in the past three years — either independently or sharing a room with a mother, daughter, sister, or friend, according to the news release.

A personal touch
For solo travelers, the Trip Experience Leaders at O.A.T. are trained to integrate solo travelers from the start of their adventure. Trip Experience Leaders help solo travelers with issues such as someone to share meals with, especially during the all-important first few days of a trip. Shortly before a trip begins, Trip Experience Leaders personally contact every traveler to welcome them and answer any final questions before departure.

O.A.T. offers personalization letting travelers tailor their trips to meet their needs. By 2023, 87% of O.A.T. travelers are choosing to personalize their experiences in more than 80 countries. More than half of solo travelers are opting to arrive early before a trip or stay later once the tour concludes. By arriving early, a traveler can acclimate before a tour begins. By staying later after the group departs, a traveler can extend the experience and explore a destination independently.

Source: Overseas Adventure Travel