McGraw Hill has launched a new English Language Teaching (ELT) course designed to help young learners around the world take their first steps towards learning English.

Six-Level Course

The innovative six-level course called All Sorts, designed to the high standards that schools expect from McGraw Hill, is available now to schools in MexicoColombiaAsia, and the Middle East, according to a news release.

“Interest in English language learning is growing at a rapid pace as the world becomes more connected and the demand for English language skills expands in the workplace,” said Anthony Lorin, President of McGraw Hill’s International group. “As a global leader in education with more than 135 years of experience providing educational content and curriculum solutions to learners and educators, we feel we are uniquely well-suited to support this expanding market.”

Helping Young Learners

All Sorts helps young learners of American English begin a lifelong learning journey through fun and engaging lessons encompassing a wide variety of topics and learning styles. Researched, planned, and developed by the trusted experts in content, technology, and pedagogy at McGraw Hill, All Sorts provides:

  • Engaging activities designed to recognize and support a diversity of learning styles.
  • Language learning is developed and presented at an age-appropriate pace.
  • A comprehensive grammar, vocabulary, and function skills syllabus across all levels.
  • Entertaining mascots, each with its learning support function, to engage younger learners.
  • Social and emotional learning features throughout to help students become life-long learners and good world citizens.
  • Age-appropriate learning features are integrated into every unit to encourage learners’ exploration of other curriculum subjects through the English medium.
  • Comprehensive support for teachers via print and downloadable Teacher Guides.
  • A range of games, puzzles, and projects that present language in positive, relatable, and memorable ways.

More Info

For more information about All Sorts and its availability in your country, visit:

Source: McGraw Hill