Are you headed off to college? Hooray, you’ve dreamed of this moment for a long time and it’s finally happening. Now, it’s time to get organized and pack up your stuff. Freedom awaits!

Sure, you love your parents, but you are more than anxious to move into your new dormitory or cool apartment, as well as experience what true campus life is all about. You’re dreaming of new beginnings, new surroundings, and new friends.

But before your mind  starts wondering even more toward all the great parties you’re in for, or maybe about joining a sorority, or fraternity first things first.

You must be real, and start by gathering up all of your belongings that you want to take with you for college life. If you have never moved before, the task can be grueling, but with a few tips and tricks of the trade, you’ll be unpacking before you know it in your new space.

And most importantly, be sure you plan in advance rather than waiting until the last minute to get the job done.

Here are few ideas to help get you started on the big move:

  • Pack any seasonal items first. Get rid of things that you don’t need anymore or want. If you haven’t used or won something in the past six months, get rid of it. Donate re-usable stuff to charities. You don’t need clutter to mess up your new space.
  • Pack light things into a big box as more of them weigh less. This way, the box will be manageable for you to carry and haul up steps.
  • As you pack, mark with a pen by labeling your boxes clearly as to what’s inside. You may also want to list the contents of each box on its sides for even more identification. This saves you time searching for “lost” items.
  • For fragile items, cushion and line the box with crushed newspaper and wrap individual items with newspaper.
  • For big or bulky items, carry them individually. If you need to dismantle furniture that you want to take along, keep all the screws and necessary parts in an envelope and tape this onto the item itself. This way when it’s time to put it back together, all the pieces will be on hand.
  • Pack all your daily essentials that you will need immediately like toiletries, change of clothing, into a separate box and label. You can keep this as your last box to be moved into your new space. If possible, this goes with you in your car.
  • For important documents and valuables, keep them in a safe deposit box at home, the bank or give them to your parents for safe keeping. Or, if you’re moving out of town, and want to bring these along, place them in a special bag. Never leave that bag out of sight.

Once you have arrived at your college’s destination, and after you’ve unpacked and gotten organized, you will feel a lot better about starting out on your new journey and being so far from home. With your belongings surrounding you in your new space, you will feel some comfort thanks to their familiarity and that they made the trip safe and sound!