Spring has sprung, and summer is around the corner. Is your real estate investment aka your home, condo or townhouse clean and in order?

It’s that time of year to start again, fresh and new. In other words, it’s time to get cleaning, and move out your clutter.

After a long winter you probably have accumulated a lot of things – including dust and extra boxes– that could be put away until next year. As the weather gets warmer, you are going to want to be outside and not stuck cleaning so here are some tips to start sooner rather than later.

Pack it up

Get rid of holiday ornaments and other related winter-themed paraphernalia. Time to take down the mistletoe, and the stocking hanging on the fire place if you haven’t yet (we hope you have.) If not, get some storage boxes and pack up anything that has to do with the winter season. Store it until next year.

Do some dusting

Get out your Swiffer, a can of furniture polish and some old cloths. It’s time to get dusting. Hit those bookcases, under the beds, and get rid of the dust bunnies hanging out in corners throughout your home.

Time to Toss

Throw away old magazines and stacks of expired newspapers that have grown. Cart them off to a recycling center near your home or call a service to pick them up.

Buy new bedding

Change your old bedding, comforter, bedspread, pillows and throw rugs. Treat yourself to some new linens and bedding that is more appropriate to warmer months. Put away darker colors and heavier blankets, etc. until next year.

Rubber Gloves

Do a thorough cleaning. Fill a bucket with soapy water and put on some rubber gloves. Start to wipe down everything in your home from the fridge to the coffee table and anything else in between. Mop floors, or polish so they are sparkling clean and scuff-free.

Add some freshness

Place candles, spray fragrances and/or buy yourself a big bouquet of fresh flowers and put them in an attractive vase. Not only will all these smell good and welcome a new season, but your home will feel new, too.

Vacuum time

Get out the vacuum and thoroughly vacuum carpets and rugs, and sprinkle carpet freshener to get rid of stale winter odors.

Closet clearance

Clear out all closets that are filled with winter clothing, box them up and store until you need the warmer gear. Give away what you haven’t worn in the last year to Goodwill, a shelter or someone who might need them.

Pull out fans

Time to get out the fans, clean the lint from their blades, and get them ready to start whirling as the temps start to climb.

Get to the garden

Plant an herb garden and put it on your patio, or if you live on a ground floor of an apartment complex, place seeds in attractive pots outside your door to add color. In no time you will have your own ingredients for a summer salad.

Wash windows

Wash windows inside and out so you can see and let the sun shine through. Use those old newspapers and a solution of vinegar and water to get them sparkling clean without streaks.


Warmer weather has finally made its way to your door, so why not let it in by cleaning inside and outside, and celebrating afterward! There’s no doubt you will feel much better when you get everything organized, and spic and span.  Once you get it all done, invite some friends or family members over to relish in the weather. Serve cool drinks and yummy appetizers while enjoying your cleaner surroundings.