Tax Pro Account is a digital self-service portal for tax professionals to manage authorized relationships with their clients and view clients’ tax information.

The IRS recently updated the Tax Pro Account to enable tax professionals to send power of attorney and tax information authorization requests directly to a client’s individual IRS Online Account. Once the client verifies and approves the request, the authorization is added immediately to the Centralized Authorization File database. This shortens processing times and eliminates the need to fax, mail, or upload documents.

The person requesting a power of attorney must have the authority to practice before the IRS as an attorney, certified public accountant enrolled agent, actuary, or retirement plan agent, according to a news release.

To Use Tax Pro Account

  • Centralized Authorization File (CAF) number in good standing that’s assigned to them as an individual. To request a CAF number for the first time, tax professionals can submit a third-party authorization with Forms 2848 or 8821. CAF number requests can’t be made through a Tax Pro Account.
  • A CAF address in the 50 states or the District of Columbia.

Features of Tax Pro Account

  • View clients’ tax information, including balance due amounts.
  • Send a POA or TIA request to an individual’s IRS Online Account.
  • View and withdraw active POAs and TIAs.
  • Manage and withdraw active client authorizations on file with the CAF database.

More Information

Source: IRS