If you are constantly traveling for business or have been infected with the wanderlust bug, you may have found yourself in a situation with weak WiFi and low battery. When you are on the go, you become handcuffed to the locations that offer WiFi and have outlets so that you can recharge your devices. However, there are options out there that can provide greater flexibility.

Purchasing a WiFi extender

Nothing is more frustrating than being simply in another room or moving to a different part of a building and all of a sudden, your signal tanks. Now you can get around this by getting a WiFi extender. There are a lot of different kinds of products you can choose from. You can plug a WiFi extender directly into your laptop to improve a weak signal, get a wall plug-in WiFi extender, or go wireless.

If you do not use or own a laptop, and strictly stick with your phone and tablet, you should consider the latter two options. Finding an adequate outlet to plug in your WiFi extender may be a challenge depending on where you are. You can consider using a wireless WiFi extender, though many of these do multiple things that are more beneficial for use in a home such as a media bridge for a wired device or as an access point.

Portable recharging options

It is a common sight to see a group of people gathered around wall outlets in an airport or in a Starbucks. You can avoid fighting for a spot to recharge your device by buying a portable recharging station. There are three main types of charging stations that you can use no matter if you are in the airport or out camping.

Firstly, there are backpacks now that come with their own charging capabilities. This would be the most useful for those who are traveling for business or if you are planning to go on a vacation. However, this isn’t your only option, especially if you are attached to a different bag for travel or prefer to travel light.

You can also look into a portable, rechargeable battery that you can plug your device directly into. These batteries are able to recharge your phone, depending on what kind of device you have, multiple times before they themselves have to be recharged. This would be a perfect lightweight solution if your only carry-on is a laptop bag.

The final option, a solar power recharging station, can be used if you are camping or taking a backpacking trip where you will be spending most of your time outdoors. Built into many of these solar power recharging stations are other features like a flashlight, waterproof capabilities, and can come with other accessories like a compass and a whistle.

When I went backpacking, I only used my mobile device to take pictures. I wanted to be disconnected from technology as much as possible. However, it’s not a bad idea to keep your phone charged in case of an emergency. Now with these portable charging options, you can make sure your device is fully charged no matter where you end up roaming.