Graduating from high school and becoming a college freshman is an exciting time for young adults.  You can expect to get a fresh start, make new friends, get the chance to move away from parents, and start figuring out your future.

But before all the fun begins, be aware that you will most likely need some important documents for when you start classes in the fall or whenever you choose to begin your studies.

That means before you can pack up and head out, you will need to make sure you have provided the school with the proper records.

Here are a few documents you will most likely need to have ready:

  • Copy of a photo identification such as a driver’s license;
  • Copy of your Social Security card;
  • Official high school transcript; and
  • SAT or other college approved test scores.

These documents are most commonly required by colleges and universities, allow some may vary. Here’s how to obtain these documents:

  • A Photo ID – Many times a photo id must be government certified, such as a driver’s license or a passport book/card. However, if these are not accessible, some schools may accept a high school photo ID as valid proof of identity. Be sure to call your new college so you know its policy. Photo ID is normally required for first day registration.
  • A Social Security card – If you do not have a Social Security card, you will have to obtain a replacement from your local area Social Security office. A Social Security card number or copy may be required for application and or registration.
  • Transcripts – Contact your high school to see if it will either send your transcripts directly to your college or give you a copy to send.
  • Test scores – Contact the organization who administers the official test you took for meet college admission requirements. When creating a login profile, you should be able to send your test scores via the Web to your college. If you need the scores rushed,  you may need to pay an additional fee. This is normally required with a college application.

Now that you know what documents you will need and how to get them, you should be ready to start packing your stuff for the dorm and start your journey.