Every business or company has a story, right? Did it form decades ago, or was it conceived in a friend’s garage  overnight? Was it an immediate success, or did it take years to reap the rewards? Did it fail before it hit the ground, or did it turn a profit in the first quarter? Whatever the story is or was, maybe it’s time to share it with the masses. And what’s the best way these days? According to one company, its via Social Media.

Putting a story behind a brand can often help humanize a company or business in the eyes of consumers and trigger an emotional response that can do wonders for its public relations, marketing and its sales.

Here are some tips and or ideas on how to share a brand story on Social Media in the most efficient and effective way possible, according to fishbat a full-service digital marketing firm.

Be relatable. Many companies have a wide range of products and services they offer, but in order to promote a brand story, that company needs to have some sort of message that customers can rally behind. It’s also important that that message be simple enough that it can be understood and appreciated by just about anyone. Avoid being too complicated with brand storytelling, instead focusing on simple and impactful statements that showcase the company’s personality.

Promote relevant content. Chances are that a company is not alone in its industry. While it’s not necessarily a good idea to promote competitors, there is bound to be tangentially related content around the Web that can help build out a brand’s personality without any additional expense. For example, a grocery store could link to fun seasonal recipes, and a construction company could link to articles on beautiful homes or businesses. Social Media followers are likely interested in more than just the singular company’s products, and providing engaging and helpful content on related topics can establish the business as a trusted resource.

Prioritize customer involvement. One of the smartest tricks with social media marketing is getting users to help do some of the advertisement work. Telling a brand story that is somewhat open-ended and that fosters engagement from the community is great for boosting activity on a Social Media page and building rapport with customers. Asking questions or soliciting relevant pictures is an excellent way to show that the company values current customers all while bringing new buyers into the fold.

Use Powerful Images. The saying goes, “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” and there is definitely some truth to that statement when it comes to brand storytelling. Flooding the company’s Social Media with long text posts risks losing the interest of readers. Oftentimes, an impactful image or infographic can do just as good a job as a few paragraphs of text at portraying the company’s personality or mission.

Happy storytelling!