You have always dreamed of owning a cabin one day. Now that you are older and more established financially, you are looking to get one as a quick getaway for the weekend or maybe further away from where you live for a longer vacation during a particular season. Well, the first question you might have “where do I start?”

To figure out how to get your first cabin, here are some of the top questions you should consider for the purpose of narrowing your search.


Location will always be a big factor when you get into the price. However, starting with the location allows you to get right into what it might take to get your dream cabin. Are you thinking about a summer getaway that is close to many activities, such as on a river or a lake? Or, perhaps you want a winter getaway that is tucked away from big crowds.

The four things that come into play when you are looking at the location include: maintenance costs, how far it is away from your home base, the cost to travel with family, and finally, the nature that surrounds your cabin. After you have narrowed down some locations, then you can move onto the next big question.


Take a look at what the average cabins are going for in a particular area you desire and figure out which ones appear to be the most cost-effective. If these locations appear to be too far out of your budget, then you may need to compromise and track down other locations that are similar but may have some drawbacks. At the end of the day, it really comes down to getting something you will be happy with. And moreover, if you think you will sell it at some point, you should also consider resale value.

Type of cabin

There are a lot of different kinds of cabins out there. According to the article “Cabin life calling your name? Answer these four questions and you’ll be well on your way!” the main cabin types are as follows:

  • Log cabin: If you are thinking of the traditional scene of cuddling up next to a warm fire, then the log cabin is perhaps what you have in mind. The main things to look for include log shape, corner style, and wood type. Spruce and Scandinavian pine are some of the best woods out there for these types of cabins.
  • A-Frame cabins: The very affordable A-frame cabins are triangular in shape and can accommodate an elevated sleeping area or vaulted ceilings. And with the slanted roofs, it helps to prevent snow and leaf buildup to give you a break on maintenance.
  • Mobile cabins: Why not take your cabin with you? With new mobile cabins, you can build them on wheels for towing and go anywhere you like!
  • Prefab or Modular: You can also go with a company that will build a cost-effective cabin per your request and ships it directly to you.

There is no reason why you can’t make your dream of owning a cabin come true. As we mentioned, start with location first. Then narrow your search by price and style of cabin. And if that ends up not working, try getting more specific with the words you are using to search to narrow the results even further.