How do you know if it’s time to upgrade your kitchen? There could be any number of reasons how this question comes about.

Perhaps you are tired of how it looks, how it functions or really liked one of your neighbor’s or friend’s kitchen layout. Maybe you have been in the house for several years and are looking to sell; or, maybe you are currently trying to sell but are struggling to get some to make an offer. All and more we will explore in this article.


It happens more often than you might think, but the original builders of your house may have left you with a nonsensical layout. When you bought the place, you figured it was something you could live with in the time being. But now that you have endured it for years, it is now time to address this issue.

Whether it be extending a gas line to replace that electric stove, repainting, installing new cabinets, or moving around the general location of appliances, it can mean in the short term a more useful and enjoyable layout. But moreover, it can perhaps increase the value of your home if you have a desire to sell at some point later down the line.


The new look for homes now is more open space. The homes that were built a decade or more ago typically have more closed off spaces, and that trend has long since shifted. This can be especially detrimental when hosting family for the holidays or guests for a special event.

If you despise that wall that separates your kitchen from the dining area, you can check to see if that wall is load-bearing. In other words, is it structurally integral to the design of your home? If it is not, then you can do away with it, and really open up that space in your home. This will be something that future buyers will probably be looking for, and it will in the meantime make that space more enjoyable to use.

Can’t sell?

As mentioned before, updating your kitchen can be one way you can increase the value of your home. Moreover, it could be a key factor between your home getting a buyer or it perpetually being left on the market while you frustratingly wait for someone to show interest. Right now, we are living in a low inventory, high-demand market for homes. There should be no reason why you can’t sell your home.

An easy way to determine how sellable your home currently is, before consulting a professional, is to see what homes are going for in your area. Zillow is a great online tool for such research. This can give you just a ballpark estimate if you are toying with the idea of selling, and can help inform you in outlining what potential changes you may need to make to your home so that it is more desirable for a potential buyer.