The latest customer data from WorldTrips shows that more travelers are spending more on vacations. The average cost for a 2023 trip to Europe is already around $8,817 — that’s up from $4,684 in 2022.  Domestic trips also went up with the average cost at $7,878. This comes as airline tickets, accommodations, and food and entertainment prices continue to rise worldwide.

“The average trip cost trend in 2023 for popular U.S. tourist destinations is a stark reminder of the macro-economic trends directly impacting consumers,” said Mark Carney, CEO of WorldTrips. “Buying a travel insurance plan that includes a trip cancellation benefit should be on all travelers’ radar as they prepare for these more expensive trips in 2023.”

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Atlas Journey is travel protection designed for U.S. residents traveling domestically and abroad. Atlas Journey Economy, Preferred, and Premier base plans include trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, emergency medical coverage, emergency medical evacuation, and baggage protection, in addition to 24/7 emergency travel assistance. Travelers can customize the amount of trip protection and enhance coverage with optional upgrades:

Trip Cancellation for Any Reason (CFAR) – 50% or 75% back for cancellation due to a non-covered reason (upgrade only available on Preferred and Premier plans)

Trip Interruption for Any Reason – interruption coverage for a non-covered reason (only available on the Premier plan)

Destination Wedding – coverage in a case destination wedding is canceled

Adventure Sports – extends coverage to include sports such as safari, bungee jumping, hang gliding, and more

Rental Car Damage and Theft – adds collision damage waiver, coverage for theft of the rental vehicle

Medical Evacuation Hospital of Choice and Increased Maximum Benefit Limit – double medical evacuation coverage and offers evacuation to the hospital of choice

How About Other Coverage

Pet Care – adds cancellation coverage for death/critical illness of your dog or cat; vet care if traveling with you

Primary Coverage: Baggage Damage or Loss – doubles baggage and baggage delay coverage and makes baggage coverage primary

Vacation Rental Accommodations – interruption coverage if the rental is unclean/overbooked or keys are lost

More Breakdowns

Additional Covered Events for Academics, Sporting Events, Volunteer and Mission Programs – adds cancellation coverage if the student is required to take a test, the school year is extended, or a sporting event is scheduled

Methodology: Data is gathered from travel insurance purchases for Atlas Journey plans made between Jan. 1, 2022 – Dec. 1, 2022.

Source: WorldTrips