Are you a fan of Game of Thrones so much so you would like to have a wedding like one of your favorite characters?Consider Tour of Thrones wedding packages that include two overnights in a medieval European castle of your choice; and as much ‘Game of Thrones’ sightseeing and activities as you can handle for your group of 10 or more people, according to an Oregon-based travel company.

The company Alpventures is also launching a Game of Thrones inspired “legacy tour” to filming locations in Northern Ireland. The all-inclusive 7-day immersive experience from Oct. 13 – 20, 2019, will include all 10 of the intricate Game of Thrones doors throughout the country made from felled wood of fallen trees in Northern Ireland’s iconic Dark Hedges, according to a news release.

If a couple wants to get married in a castle, they can find plenty of websites on the internet – but none have masterfully crafted enticing Game of Thrones themed wedding packages like Alpventures Tour of Thrones. From the “Baratheon” package including two nights in a rustic, Bavarian castle with a hunting-lodge feel and the “Lannister” package in a Rhine River castle (complete with Tyrion’s Wine Tasting), to the exotic “Targaryen” package in a formidable Spanish fortress near Barcelona – there is something for every couple looking for the perfect way to celebrate their perfect day aka the Westeros way, the agency said in the release.

For fans of the show who think all Game of Thrones weddings end up with someone dying, perhaps a better choice is Tour of Thrones 7-day fully-escorted trip to Northern Ireland. You don’t have to “bend the knee” and get married on this tour, and it includes three overnights in authentic Irish castle hotels, ground transportation by bus (airfare is not included), medieval feasts and other special meals, and Game of Thrones filming locations all over the country. The tour also includes a visit to all 10 of the Game of Thrones doors – starting with door No. 10 at the Dark Horse in Belfast, and finishing with door No. 1 at the Cuan in Strangford. Highlights of the tour will be meeting several actors from the show and two of the original “Direwolves.” The tour starts and finishes in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Travel services are arranged by Alpventures Tour of Thrones in cooperation with Game of Thrones Tours (Belfast), GoT Direwolves, Winterfell Tours and a group of charming hotels around the country, the agency said in the release.

Tony Cisneros, owner of Alpventures Tour of Thrones said: “There are just so many exciting locations and great local tour companies to choose from – why not do them all on one trip? Our legacy tour saves travelers time and money and they get to do things they cannot do on any other Game of Thrones Tour currently offered,” in the news release.

Alpventures Tour of Thrones is not affiliated with Game of Thrones, and it is not affiliated or associated with HBO studios or any other movie or television production company. For information about weddings or to book the tour, visit Alpventures website at or call toll-free 1 (844) 5-THRONE (844-584-7663).

Source: Alpventures