Have you always wanted to go on a family bike ride but could not figure out what to do with your little children that can’t ride yet? Purchasing the best bicycle trailer could be the perfect solution. With a bike trailer, depending on which one you buy, you can fit one or two of your kids. This frees you up to enjoy the day in the sunshine with the whole family.

With any purchase, it can be time-consuming to sift through all of your options out there. That is why we have gathered three of the best choices for you. Take a look at these bike trailers and determine which one would best suit your needs.

Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

Currently listed as Amazon’s Choice, it currently has four and a half stars with 505 customer reviews. Its design utilizes lightweight steel for the frame, as well as for its 16-inch inflated wheels. Its max payload is 100 pounds, it has a foot guard to protect your children’s feet, and includes a safety harness to make sure your kids are strapped in. And finally, it comes with a safety flag so that cars and other people know you are towing your children behind your bike. Listed at $88.35, it is fairly affordable considering other bike trailers can run upward of $200.

InStep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer  

This single-seater bike trailer is listed as Amazon’s bestseller. It has four and a half stars with 1,156 reviews. Naturally, it is only a single-seater and has a limited weight capacity of 40 pounds. Its coupler is able to attach to most bikes. It can come in green or gray and has a weather canopy, and bug screen to protect your child from the elements when you are riding. Like most bike trailers, it can be folded up which makes it easier for storage and for deployment. It is currently listed at $90.58 on Amazon. If you are interested in the two-seater, the deluxe version of this bike trailer costs $108.96 and has 4 stars out of 1,243 customer reviews.

Schwinn Double Two Bicycle Trailer

Schwinn has been a premier name in the bicycle world for more than a century. Its bike trailer comes with a few unique features that the other bike trailers we have reviewed so far do not have. It can seat two riders up to 40 pounds each. But, it can also fit an additional 12 pounds of extra gear in the rear compartment, which can be useful if you are heading down to the beach and need to bring some towels, water, and snacks.

Its safety features include a 5-point harness with shoulder patches and a safety flag to ensure others see that you are towing a bike trailer. Finally, it too has a two-in-one canopy which includes a bug screen and weather shield. It can be folded up and stored in the trunk of your vehicle or in your garage. At its current listed price of $189.99, it is pricier than the previous two bike trailers we reviewed but you are getting a trusted name brand in the bike industry.