Many people set resolutions for the New Year holiday each year to help improve their lives. January is National Get Organized Month, a time to sort through and declutter your home.

Donate Unwanted Stuff

Consider donating your unwanted household items and clothing to your local Goodwill store. When you donate to Goodwill, the revenue generated from those items sold at Goodwill stores across the country is used to pay for job training and placement programs that help people in our local communities receive much-needed skills training, and ultimately jobs.


Matt Paxton, a Decluttering Expert and Goodwill Ambassador offers some essential tips for downsizing and organizing your home in the new year:

  1. Make a Legacy List a New Year’s Day Tradition. Create your Legacy List. Make a list of the two most important items in your home that tell your family story. Then SHARE those stories with your family and friends. Telling the stories will start a conversation on stuff for the entire year.

  2. Resolution Reset.  Instead of making more resolutions, start decluttering the items you bought for past resolutions that you don’t need. Donate or sell the new fitness and sports equipment that you never used.

  3. “Did I Wear It?” Reality check. On New Year’s Day, put all your clothes hangers facing one way. Then when you wear the item during the year, you switch the hanger going the opposite way. So, this time next year, you can easily see what you have NOT worn. If you know it’s been at least a year, you can donate it to your favorite charity or sell it online.

  4. 4 p.m. Project Push. Pick one project that you didn’t complete last year and finish it today. Make sure it’s a smaller project that you have procrastinated on for months and is small enough to get done today such as sorting through some pictures, cleaning out a junk drawer, or picking old mail to be shredded. Finish it by 4 pm TODAY. This lets you start the new year successfully and gives you momentum and confidence that you can organize through the year.

“When someone decides to declutter and donate their items to Goodwill, they are giving their items a second chance while deserving individuals in their community can gain job skills and find meaningful work,” said Matt Paxton, Decluttering Expert and Goodwill Ambassador. “It’s a win-win situation, as they are helping to improve their own lives by decluttering their homes, but they are also giving others a brighter future,” added Paxton.

Stop by a Store

Goodwill stores help extend the life of usable items through their business model of collecting and selling donated goods. Last year, more than 107 million donors throughout the U.S. gave their gently used items to Goodwill. Donated goods are sold at nearly 3,300 outlets and retail stores and online through®.

The sale of donations across the Goodwill network goes back to Goodwill’s mission of providing job placement and training to individuals in t local communities. Other support services such as childcare, financial education, transportation, tax preparation, and mentoring are provided to meet the specific needs of their communities.

We encourage anyone who is in the process of cleaning out their belongings to donate. Perfectly reusable clothing and household products except broken or soiled items can be donated to a local Goodwill store. To find your local Goodwill store or donation center, visit

For more information or a Goodwill location near you, visit, or call (800) GOODWILL. Follow us on Twitter: @GoodwillIntl and @GoodwillCapHill, and find us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube: GoodwillIntl.

Source: Goodwill Industries International