Predicting the future of travel in 2040

By 2040, international travel will be a faster, easier and more ecologically sustainable activity than ever before, according to a report commissioned by Allianz Partners. Authored by futurologist, Ray Hammond, '"The World in 2040'"futurology series presents likely future developments and [...]

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High-tech wearable phone for kids

Phones for kids? You bet. The TickTalk 3 works just like a standalone Smart cellphone especially designed for kids 5-12 years old. It comes fully loaded with, WiFi connectivity, voice and video calling, text and group messaging center with emoji's, [...]

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Should you get a VPN?

There are many reasons why one would invest in a VPN. Some of the top reasons include doing a lot of online transactions with sensitive financial information, you want to protect yourself more thoroughly from hackers, or you simply like [...]

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Top Smartphones for 2018

We are just weeks away from the end of 2018, but this is a perfect time to take stock of all the great Smartphones that came out this year. Though there are so many great phones to cover, we are [...]

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