California may be the land of sunshine and palm trees but it’s also the third easiest state in America to charge your electric car, a new study finds.

The financial comparison site Forbes Advisor analyzed data from the U.S Department of Energy as well as all 50 states and Washington D.C. to establish how many electric charging stations there are in each state, per million people.

Other Easiest Places to Charge an Electric Vehicle

According to a news release the study found that Vermont is the easiest place to charge an electric car with 484.84 charging stations per million people across the state – the most of any state in America. This comes as a result of 313 total charging stations in the state and a population of 645.570.

Meanwhile, Washington D.C. has the second most electric charging stations. This comes as a result of 376.09 electric charging stations per million because of a population count of 670,050 and 252 total electric charging stations.

The third easiest state to drive an electric vehicle is California which has 347.32 charging stations per million people. The state has 13,628 charging stations, the highest number of stations in any state, but with a population of 39 million, California takes third place.

Massachusetts ranks as the fourth easiest state in America to drive an electric vehicle. The state has 304.66 charging stations per million people as a result of 2,128 total charging stations and a population of 6.9 million.

Taking the fifth spot is Colorado with 261.52 charging stations per million, while Utah is the sixth easiest state in America to drive an electric vehicle with 252.85 charging stations per million people.


In the easiest states in America to drive an electric car 
  Rank Charging stations per million
Vermont  1 484.84
Washington D.C.  2 276.09
California  3 347.32
Massachusetts  4 304.66
Colorado  5 261.52
Utah  6 252.85
Hawaii  7 246.96
Rhode Island  8 230.92
Maine  9 220.81
Oregon  10 212.66

Most Difficult

The hardest state in America to drive an electric vehicle in Louisiana. Louisiana has only 30.49 electric charging stations per million due to a population count of 4.6 million and only 141 charging stations across the state.

Mississippi is the second hardest state in America for electric car owners to charge their vehicles with 32.88 charging stations per million. Mississippi has a population count of 2.9 million people combined with 97 total charging stations across the state, leading to its low ranking on the list.

Alabama has the third-lowest rate of charging stations for electric vehicle owners with only 39.29 charging stations per million. The state has a population of 5 million and 198 total public charging stations.

Indiana takes fourth place with 45.84 charging stations per million while Kentucky is the fifth hardest American state for driving an electric car, having 48.57 charging points per million.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson from Forbes Advisor said in the news release: “The electric car industry is growing at a rapid pace for numerous reasons, including rising gas prices, as well as electric vehicles being an eco-friendlier mode of transport. However, these findings offer a fascinating insight into the disparity between states when it comes to accessibility for drivers of electric vehicles.”


The hardest states in America to drive an electric car 
State  Rank Charging stations per million
Louisiana  1 30.49
Mississippi  2 32.88
Alabama  3 39.29
Indiana  4 45.84
Kentucky  5 48.57
West Virginia  6 52.72
Arkansas  7 53.54
Idaho  8 54.71
Wisconsin  9 64.45
South Dakota  10 67.01

The study was conducted by Forbes Advisor and helps consumers make financial decisions and choose the financial products that are right for their life and goals.


State Stations per million
Vermont 484.84
Washington D.C. 376.09
California 347.32
Massachusetts 304.66
Colorado 261.52
Utah 252.85
Hawaii 246.96
Rhode Island 230.92
Maine 220.81
Oregon 212.66
Washington 203.14
Maryland 184.26
Missouri 159.69
Kansas 154.71
Nevada 149.81
New York 140.10
Georgia 136.12
Connecticut 128.41
Delaware 126.57
Virginia 121.61
Arizona 120.94
Florida 111.61
New Hampshire 109.43
Wyoming 105.39
North Carolina 95.63
Nebraska 92.68
Minnesota 89.18
North Dakota 89.04
Tennessee 86.74
Pennsylvania 85.93
New Mexico 83.65
Ohio 83.19
Iowa 82.37
Michigan 79.00
Illinois 75.92
Texas 74.00
Oklahoma 71.99
New Jersey 71.11
Montana 70.63
Alaska 69.61
South Carolina 68.58
South Dakota 67.01
Wisconsin 64.45
Idaho 54.71
Arkansas 53.54
West Virginia 52.72
Kentucky 48.57
Indiana 45.84
Alabama 39.29
Mississippi 32.88
Louisiana 30.49

Source: Forbes Advisor