California Regional MLS has  TheQwikFix, a service that allows agents to upload property reports and then receive detailed and competitively priced repair quotes from local, licensed contractors who are available to complete the job before or shortly after closing. The QwikFix will be available at a discounted rate in the CRMLS Marketplace.

No More Sourcing

To combat the time sunk into sourcing and booking multiple contractors to provide estimates on home repairs, TheQwikFix will offer CRMLS users its proprietary knowledge to create accurate quotes for property repair costs out of the data provided by an inspection report. Agents can customize the quote before sharing it with their client, who then has the option to easily approve the quote for repairs. TheQwikFix can then begin sourcing contractors from within its pre-approved network and handle the booking and payment of the repairs, according to a news release.

Lots of Exctiment

“We’re excited to see how well TheQwikFix can remedy the common pain points shared by so many of our users when it comes to handling property repairs,” said Art Carter, CRMLS CEO. “The repair and renovation process can wholly derail the momentum of an agent, and we want all of our users to be equipped for success without any slowdowns. TheQwikFix promises to be a great way to keep our agents doing business without spending hours or days trying to get their properties in shape.”

Details, Details

With TheQwikFix’s ability to efficiently translate extensive, detail-filled reports into actual dollar amounts, CRMLS users will be able to quickly move through the renovation process with a clearer conception of the budget for their clients.

“We’re thrilled to embark on this opportunity with CRMLS so agents throughout all of California will have easy access to our platform that will save them time, energy, and the hassle of coordinating home repair estimates,” said Jeremy Henley, Founder and CEO of TheQwikFix.

TheQwikFix will be available in CRMLS’s Marketplace, where agents can purchase its services at a discount unique to CRMLS users.

Source: California Regional MLS