USC, UCLA, Caly Poly …

Are visions of attending one of these colleges or universities, or any for that matter dancing in your head? You might need to take a step back and plan accordingly monetarily-wise at least.

The cost of going to college has skyrocketed over the years forcing many potential students to either take out a big loan or not attend at all.

In fact, the costs of attending college having more than doubled since the 1980s, according to one the personal-finance website. But does that mean you should halt your dreams and totally forget about going to college?

If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity and can afford to go to college and in California, you might want to check out the website’s 2019’s Best College & University Rankings.

To help college-bound seniors make the most informed school choices, the website compared nearly 1,000 higher-education institutions in the U.S. based on 30 key measures grouped into seven categories, such as Student Selectivity, Cost & Financing and Career Outcomes. The data set ranges from student-faculty ratio to graduation rate to post-attendance median salary.

Top 10 Colleges & Universities in California

Top 10 Colleges & Universities in California

1California Institute of Technology 6Harvey Mudd College
2Stanford University 7University of California-San Diego
3University of California-Berkeley 8Claremont McKenna College
4University of California-Los Angeles 9University of Southern California
5Pomona College 10University of California-Irvine

Below is an even closer look at some of the top schools and how each performed in certain metrics:

School Snapshot: California Institute of Technology (1 = Best; 34 = Average; 67 = Worst)

  • 2nd – Admission Rate
  • 60th – Net Cost
  • 1st – Student-Faculty Ratio
  • 65th – On-Campus Crime
  • 35th – Gender & Racial Diversity
  • 9th – Graduation Rate
  • 3rd – Post-Attendance Median Salary

School Snapshot: Stanford University (1 = Best; 34 = Average; 67 = Worst)

  • 1st – Admission Rate
  • 57th – Net Cost
  • 22nd – Student-Faculty Ratio
  • 21st – On-Campus Crime
  • 4th – Gender & Racial Diversity
  • 2nd – Graduation Rate
  • 1st – Post-Attendance Median Salary

School Snapshot: University of California-Berkeley (1 = Best; 34 = Average; 67 = Worst)

  • 8th – Admission Rate
  • 45th – Net Cost
  • 43rd – Student-Faculty Ratio
  • 45th – On-Campus Crime
  • 14th – Gender & Racial Diversity
  • 5th – Graduation Rate
  • 10th – Post-Attendance Median Salary

While it may be expensive to attend college it doesn’t’ mean that you have to abandon any thoughts of making your dreams and aspirations come true.

There are always ways that you can make it to your favorite once you have been accepted. Whether it’s  student loan, a family loan or from some other source, you should consider all your options.

Be able to go to college is something you should treasure and once you arrive make sure you are performing your best.

Remember you can be anything you want and obtain any dream you might have with some effort, drive and determination.

If you have always planned and envisioned yourself going to college, living in a dorm, studying in the hallowed library, we say just do it. Whatever it takes go for your dreams and make your educational aspirations come alive!

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