If you’re planning a quick getaway for a fun fall weekend, a longer stay abroad or headed home for the upcoming holidays it pays to be a smart and savvy airport traveler.

When it comes to facing air travel, preparing ahead of time can make your entire experience far more enjoyable. From packing for tight airport security to have all of the necessary travel documents, being prepared will relieve your travel stress and help your experience be an ultimate success, according to Connect Washington DC Charter Bus Co.

Here are some quick tips and suggestions before you leave the house and head to the airport:

Don’t Leave Necessary Travel Documents Behind. Prepare your paperwork ahead of time by packing all the necessary travel documents you may need upon entering the airport. Eliminate travel stress completely by creating and reviewing a travel checklist before you depart for your trip. Many first-time flyers often forget key travel documents such as plane tickets or proper identification, creating unwanted travel headaches from the get-go. Ensure you have all the information you need before you leave your house to avoid any travel chaos.

Pack the Right Items. If you are familiar with airport rules and regulations, you are aware that almost all airports have implemented a strict rule policy regarding what can and cannot come onto the flight as a personal belonging. Large storage containers along with liquids and gels above 3.4 ounces are not allowed to pass through airport security, so you may be asked to discard these items before passing through. Airport security is extremely thorough so be prepared by wearing shoes that are easy to slip on and off, removing all items from your pockets, and taking out all electronics inside of your bag before entering the security area.

Get Ready for the Flight Before Take-off. Once you have managed to get past airport security and boarded the aircraft, locate your seat and then remove any items you may need during your flight from your carryon bag before storing your bag above. Pack plenty of things to keep you occupied during the flight such as books, games, or music. Entertainment is mostly limited to a single screen TV, so, depending on the duration of your flight you could be staring out of the window for a lengthy amount of time.

These quick and easy airport tips as suggested by Connect Washington DC Charter Bus Co. via a news release may help you as you pass through an airport on the way to your travel destination. Being prepared will not only relieve some of the travel stress you may experience, but it will also help you enjoy your travel experience from start to finish.

Source: Connect Washington DC Charter Bus Co.