It’s back-to-school time, kind of.

As individuals and families across the country make decisions about safely educating their children during the COVID-19 pandemic, professional educator, author, and homeschool expert  Anne Crossman has launched a new platform,

According to a news release the platform is designed to equip and encourage parents and teachers to embrace high-quality homeschooling as a viable and effective option. Homeschool Expert aims to teach parents how to teach. Based on decades of extensive research and work with psychologists, behavioral specialists, educators, and expert homeschool parents, this platform offers practical tools to help parents teach with excellence.


There are presently 54 million students enrolled in school in the United States, 2.5 million of which were homeschooled before COVID. The latest numbers in some states show 80% of traditional school parents are now considering homeschooling their children, which opens a significant need in the market for parents to get resources, curriculum, and training to help them quickly create an excellent education for their children during the pandemic.

“Homeschooling creates a customized learning experience where your children can thrive at their own pace,” Crossman said in the news release. “Whether you are homeschooling out of passion or need, Homeschool Expert makes teaching the ones you love affordable and achievable for anyone from any background. Homeschooling can be amazing, and I realize that often the hardest part is getting started.  While there are a lot of great curricula for students, there are very few resources for teaching parents how to teach. Our essential video series, books, and resources equip parents to teach with excellence, bringing the advice of experts to their kitchen table.”

Many Resources features a variety of resources for beginner and seasoned homeschool educators, including a nine-video series that equips viewers to homeschool confidently through concentrated, fast-paced lessons that are filled with practical and customizable tips and resources.

The online platform is also home to a new podcast hosted by Crossman and featuring interviews with homeschool parents as well as leading voices in education scholarship and practice, including Duke University’s Sue Wasiolek, Math-U-See founder Steve Demme, UC Davis professor Patricia Schetter, AIM Academy Director Dr. Debra Bell, CEO of Primer Ryan Delk, and many others, the news release said. also offers informative articles for parents trying to answer tough topics, like how to homeschool legally, how to homeschool a child with special needs, and how to find a curriculum to best meet their needs.

Author, Too

Crossman is the author of multiple books on education, including “Getting the Best Out of College,” “Study Smart, Study Less,” and “Trying to Remember,” which share expertise from her extensive work with psychologists, educators, behavioral scientists and her decades of experience as an educator.

A homeschool student herself, Crossman began college at Stanford University with a focus in psychology, completing her degrees in English and Education at Duke University. She went on to teach in public high schools and military barracks, authored three books on education, and has been homeschooling her four children since 2006.  Crossman offers a perspective of education that is well-informed, rare, and timely.

In addition to launching the platform, Crossman has authored a new book “Homeschool Like An Expert” (available September). In the book, Crossman shares insights on effective homeschool practices, supplementing the “Homeschool Like an Expert: Video Series” with additional tools and resources to help all parents educate at home.

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Source: Homeschool Expert