Summer is fading almost as fast as your tan, and you’re gearing up for your next big milestone: college. Are you mentally ready to leave home?

Sure, you’ve already bought your dorm room staples, made a trip to the campus bookstore to get the books needed for your fall classes, and scouted out the campus. Now what? You’ll need to prepare yourself to say goodbye to friends, family and familiar surroundings to embark on a new adventure.

Here are some tips to help you cope, deal, and get your mind ready for what lies ahead.

1. Newness. Going to college is a big change, but don’t get too overwhelmed. Keep sane by reminding yourself this transition is only temporary. Things might be odd for a while, and that’s fine. Accept that you’re in a new stage of life and it won’t feel familiar to you in mere minutes, things take time.

2. Gauge your time. Don’t put things off and procrastinate or mismanage your time. Start off on the right foot by staying organized starting now and in your life the coming year. Check out digital tools and homework planning Apps, or get a day planner. The key is to plan your time so you have time for it all. Create a detailed daily schedule that blocks out time for classes, homework, studying, and extracurricular activities. Stay organized and spend a few minutes each evening planning ahead for the next day.

3. Keep an open mind. College is going to be all encompassing. So, with that said  take time to find yourself, discover new passions, challenge old ways of thinking, and meet new people. Try something different like join a club that sounds fun, interesting. The idea is to open your mind and make the most of this time in your life. Be adventurous and explore.

4. Ask for assistance. With anything new, begin with a positive mindset, but be prepared for the unexpected. Knowing where to ask for help is important. Take time to locate on-campus services such as the tutoring center, disability services, counseling services, and any other resources that will give you confidence when you need it. Figure out how to manage your stress effectively and develop a strong support system of friends and family.

5. Take time choosing a major. Many students enter college with the intent to declare a major soon only to waste time. Remember the reason you’re in college is to build a solid foundation for your intended career. The career center can help you discover careers and majors, as well as find the best fit for your personality and long-term goals. Visit them in your first semester if you’re struggling with declaring a major.

This is an exciting time in your life, be ready to embrace it.  Sure, there’s no doubt that it does come with some apprehension. But don’t freak out,  if you’re nervous — you’re not the only one with college anxiety. As you get prepared for the first day of classes, take the time to get mentally ready by using something of these tips to get your through with flying colors!