It’s truly an understatement to say we have all been through a lot in 2020 — no need to list it all here — so the upcoming holidays could offer a welcome chance to enjoy and celebrate.

After celebrating Thanksgiving most families will begin to focus on Christmas and other holidays. If you celebrate Christmas now comes the big decision; do you want to create great family Christmas memories?  If so, why not have a fun time picking out a real Christmas tree.

Real Tree

Choosing a real Christmas tree is more than a special time for your family, your choice of a farm-grown Christmas tree is better for the environment and supports local farmers.

It is anticipated many families will turn to the beauty and tradition of a farm-grown tree in 2020, according to the National Christmas Tree Association. Why? Garden centers had record sales in 2020 and are expecting and preparing for a very large Christmas season.

Pumpkin farms, u-pick berry farms, and orchards have also said they experienced record numbers of visitors from families seeking outdoor activities during the pandemic.

National Christmas Tree Association members are receiving unprecedented levels of early outreach from consumers wanting to know when they will be open for families to come to select their tree, according to a National Christmas Tree Association news release. It is clear families want to have fun and memorable outdoor experiences as a break from the challenges of Coronavirus.

Real Christmas trees are a product of nature grown on farms. After Christmas is over, they are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Whereas, artificial trees have three times the impact on climate change and resource depletion than real trees. After they are thrown away, artificial trees sit in landfills for years.

While they are growing, real Christmas trees convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, reduce erosion, and provide habitat for many animals. Because real Christmas trees are a crop grown by farmers after a tree is harvested a new one is planted in its place to be harvested in the future for people to enjoy as a planned crop production cycle, the National Christmas Tree Association release stated.

So, what will your choice be? Christmas tree farms and tree lots have been busy preparing for the season using NCTA’s COVID-19 Best Practice recommendations to make shopping for a real Christmas tree as safe as they can.

Get Together

It is recommended that you gather your family, go pick out the perfect real tree, and enjoy the beauty, wonderful smell, and tradition of a real tree in your home this season. Christmas tree growers have worked for years to have plenty of trees ready for you this year.

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