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Prosperity Benefit Services is a membership benefits program that enables individuals to reclaim their financial freedom. The services that we offer to our members include basic tax preparation, tax consulting , and a blog. We also handle certain student loan-related services such as aid for those who need to recertify their income-driven repayment plans each year.

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Prosperity Benefit Services Participates in Community Outreach for Families

There’s no question about it, kids love toys, especially the little ones.

But not all families can afford to give their children the latest, greatest, and trendiest toys, whether it’s for holidays, birthdays, or other times of the year.

However, thanks to the generosity of Project Access thousands of families and their children around the country can enjoy such luxuries as dolls, building blocks, bikes, board games, and even electronic games.

Along with Project Access, Prosperity Benefit Services is also fond of children and is giving back by participating in the non-profit’s “Spread the Joy” annual Holiday Toy Drive to help youngsters celebrate the holiday season.

Prosperity Benefit Services is donating boxes — big and small — filled with toys of all shapes and sizes for the children of those families who need a little help.

Prosperity Benefit Services is honored and happy to open its heart to make this holiday season a special one and will return next year to do the same.

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