Technology has made things easier in this day and age. Wallets are one of the things that many people have started doing without. We carry a lot of things in our wallets such as photos of family, credit cards, loyalty program cards, checks, and receipts. All of these things you can start doing without by downloading an App on your phone.


This one is sort of a no-brainer. With everyone having Smartphones these days, there is no reason to carry around photos in your wallet unless it is for some sentimental reason. And our Smartphones can carry a lot more photos than our wallets can. Many stores now have self-development kiosks that allow you to plug your smartphones into print photos as well, making it even more convenient to get our hands on photos when we want to make a photo album.

Credit Cards

The top three options that people are using now include: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. With these Apps you can add your credit cards to them and use them at certain stores and restaurants that take this method of payment. They way they work is that the applications are linked to your credit cards and send a code using near-field technology (NFT) to the retail terminal you are checking out at. This may not seem very secure but measures have been taken to ensure this is the case, such as a unique code for each transaction.

Loyalty program cards

I try to minimize the number of loyalty cards I carry around. I basically only carry around my grocery card loyalty cards and my Barnes & Noble card since I am in there practically every other weekend. However, I usually use my number anyway since most places can you look you up that way, so there isn’t really any reason to carry the cards around. There are apps you can use as well to that will carry digital duplicates of these cards. These Apps include Stocard and Key Ring.


Checks are always handy to have around when you need them. But I certainly don’t carry them everywhere with me anymore. There are many Apps you can use now to transfer money to people if you need to do so. You are probably familiar with Venmo and PayPal, but some other Apps you may not know or didn’t know could do this task include: Facebook Messenger, Google Pay, Dwolla, and Cash App.


I loathe receipts. But come tax season you will probably be happy you kept them. Moreover, if you ever have to return something, you obviously need a receipt. Rather than using an old shoebox to keep all of your receipts in, there are Apps that will achieve that for you. In fact, one app pays homage to this age-old receipt storing mechanism. It is called Shoeboxed, and it allows you to digitize and organize your receipts more effectively.