Whether you need a voice recorder for interviews, log mental notes, or work out ideas on the go for a new project, you need something that is a quality product but won’t break the bank. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to voice recorders. And if you are already busy as it is, trying to do research and sift through all of your options is just out of the question. This is why we have narrowed down the playing field. Here are four of the best recorders on the market today.

8G FlatLED digital audio voice USB recorder

Doubling as a recording device as well as a storage tool for other devices, this recorder is truly portable and affordable. Starting at $17.99, this recorder is quite powerful for its size. With 8G memory allowing you to store up to 150 hours of recordings, it has more storage capacity than even your run of the mill recording device. Furthermore, it records in WAV, which for an audio geek like me, is amazing. WAV is far superior to MP3 in terms of quality for you have the complete range of the audio rather than a squished down version for the sake of file size.

16G digital voice recorder pen by Aiworth

Currently listed on Amazon’s best-seller list, the Aiworth recorder pen is three in one combo of an MP3 player, a voice recorder, and a pen. This reduces the need to constantly switch back and forth between writing and recording devices. It comes with 192kps PCS high-quality recording with noise reduction and comes with double the storage than your average voice recorder. Starting at $39.99, it is well worth every dollar.

Sony ICDPX370 mono digital voice recorder

If you are looking for something more straightforward, then look no further. With 4.5 stars on Amazon, the Sony OCDPX370 is as straight forward as you can get. It has 57 hours of battery life and comes with a USB connection to transfer files immediately to your computer. However, it only has 4G memory, which is remedied by the USB connection. However, if you are going to be on the go and won’t have time to transfer files over to save space then this may not be the best choice for you. At $43.25 on Amazon, it is still affordable in comparison to other products out there.

Olympus digital voice recorder WS-853

Another more straightforward option, the Olympus WS-853 is similar to the Sony, except it has a few other features that boost its starting price to $61.79. Firstly, it has 8G memory, double that of its Sony competitor listed here. It too has a USB direct connection but also has a Micro SD card slot that boosts its maximum storage up to 32G. Its battery life is nearly double of the Sony as well, with it lasting up to 110 hours. Overall, if you are okay with dropping a little extra cash for a simple voice recorder, then this would be your best bet.