If you get stuck while traveling and have some time, here are the top 3 locations where to enjoy lots of cultural experiences during a very short stay, according to one report.

LondonSingapore, and Dubai are the most popular choices for US travelers looking to break up a long-distance journey and explore different cultures.


London offers more than just convenience when it comes to layovers. Whether a traveler is interested in history, theater, food, art, or the royal family, England’s culturally diverse capital effortlessly lures travelers in for a few days of sightseeing and entertainment.

Hopping between different areas of the city using the London Underground system, a traveler can visit landmarks like the Tower of LondonSt Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace with ease. To escape the busy streets is easy with a stroll around the leafy areas like Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, or a visit to the Natural History Museum. In the evening, a West End show is available before tucking into whatever food a traveler craves at one of the city’s countless restaurants.

Brittany BeckEurope specialist at Audley Travel, says: “There’s so much to do in London, whether you’re there for a few hours or a few days, and its strategic location makes it a very popular stop on long-haul journeys.”


Singapore is a popular jumping-off point for those traveling to Southeast AsiaAustralia, or New Zealand thanks to its web of flight connections, world-class hotels, and futuristic skyline.

There is the chance to wander through the otherworldly green space of Gardens by the Bay, following the aerial walkway for views over Marina Bay, or to lantern-lit Chinatown to try some herbal tea and explore the Hindu temples and incense-scented shops of Little India, and taste the way through the many sizzling street-food markets.

“With its convenient location, wide-ranging choice of hotels, and diverse dining options, it’s no wonder Singapore is a favorite stopover choice,” says Mary CropperSoutheast Asia specialist at Audley Travel.


Dubai offers near-guaranteed sun on the way to or from any traveler’s primary destination, a huge array of shops and restaurants, and the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. But, delving a little deeper, more can be found like traditional Bedouin buildings and souqs, desert dunes ripe for adventure, and attractions designed to suit any age, like the recently opened Museum of the Future.

Hannah GuestDubai specialist at Audley Travel, said: “Dubai features on many flight paths, and makes a worthwhile addition to a wider trip. Whether you want to unwind in the dry heat, spend your way through Dubai Mall, or take the time to explore the city’s mix of cultures, there are plenty of ways to fill a couple of days.”

Source: Audley Travel