The 10 worst U.S. airports for late travelers

Headed out of town soon? FinanceBuzz, a personal finance site recently released its study of the 10 worst airports for late travelers, with Newark International Airport topping the list. Also included are the 10 best airports, those where you're most likely to [...]

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Here are the hottest neighborhoods to watch in 2020

The southeast states of Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee are home to half of this year's top neighborhoods to watch, according to a new report from Redfin (, a real estate brokerage. The 2020 watch list was developed by identifying the neighborhoods with the greatest year-over-year growth [...]

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Predicting the future of travel in 2040

By 2040, international travel will be a faster, easier and more ecologically sustainable activity than ever before, according to a report commissioned by Allianz Partners. Authored by futurologist, Ray Hammond, '"The World in 2040'"futurology series presents likely future developments and [...]

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