Top 3 best Smart alarm clocks

One of my favorite things in the world is sleep. Can you guess what one of my least favorite things is? You probably guessed it—being woken up early by an annoying alarm. Tech companies have realized the need for better [...]

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Shopping for car insurance? Ask for discounts

Shopping for car insurance isn't the most exciting experience; however, if you qualify for certain discounts, the process might be better than you anticipated. Keep in mind that is important to compare auto insurances if you want the best bang [...]

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How to have a wine cellar at home

If you thought having your own wine cellar at home was unobtainable and only for the wealthy, think again. The truth is, it's becoming more and more popular to stay at home and entertain with friends and family under your [...]

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Oktoberfest: beer, brats and big moneymaker

October: month of Halloween, falling leaves and Oktoberfest a big moneymaker for some cities. If you’re someone who likes to celebrate these events, you might consider enjoying Oktoberfest, which is becoming a more and more popular event every year. However, [...]

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